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Shai's Birthday

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fortifiedwithtea Thu 05-May-16 07:56:30

I was nearly a very bad guinea pig mother yesterday blush The sun was shining in Essex, the girls spent all day in their run. Meanwhile I cleaned and disinfected their hutch.

It wasn't until I was on the bus into town with DD2 that I realised it was May 4th - star Wars day - aka shai's 5th Birthday shock feeling guilty I told DD2 we would to go to Tesco for veg.

TBH I don't think Shai was bothered that she was sung to late They were excited to see clean hutch, nice salad and parsley for tea smile

FernieB Thu 05-May-16 08:48:57

Happy belated birthday Shaiflowers. Even though you had a wonderful day in the garden and were spoilt rotten with veg, I think you should take full advantage of your mums negligence and do 'sorrowful eyes' a lot to get extra herbs. Should be able to make it last two weekswink

70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 05-May-16 19:49:10

TBH I don't think Shai was bothered that she was sung to late

Ha! You think grin

Tell her she must've got the day wrong because it's a Leap Year. (She'll sit and fathom this out a while but it'll take way to much effort for a little piggie. She'll grumble at you and be judgey)

Keep on her good side with Cavelo Nero.

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