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guinea pigs in eglus

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bloodypassword Fri 29-Apr-16 15:10:53

So we've had Guinea pigs in an eglus for a few years now. The eglu is well insulated with lots of hay and they have constant access to a run, which is partially covered. This is in the garden.

I've had two of my pigs die in the last three weeks. The last one was only bought two weeks ago and my daughter found him dead this morning. I'm wondering feeling guilt ridden if they're getting cold? Does anyone else keep their pigs in an eglu?

theendoftheshowshow Fri 29-Apr-16 16:12:10

We bring ours inside for winter. I always thought gps can't go on wet grass as it makes them ill? We give them grass to eat in winter but bring their run in the kitchen so they are not in the hutch full time. I haven't put the hutch back outside yet as its still cold. However when we have had a sunny afternoon and the grass is dry I have popped them outside for an hour or two to run round.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 29-Apr-16 17:21:01

I've never used an Eglu because apart from the £££ (even on Gumtree they are £100s) they are quite small inside.
But the design of them, Fox Safe, insulated has been sucessful .

Maybe your piggie gorged too much spring grass and got bloat or ate something poisonous? Our lawn is riddled with buttercups at the moment, finding safe grazing when they can get out is a trial.
Were they a young piggie? His gut might not have been able to cope with the rich grass ( guineas are. trickle feeders , can't vomit. So things like bloaty colicky problems are a risk )

Very sad to find him dead, no answers WRT Eglu I'm afraid.

bloodypassword Fri 29-Apr-16 18:15:10

Thanks everyone. They aren't on grass as they've long since eaten all of that so they're on bare ground covered in lots of hay. Our other two Guineas lived very happily for a couple of years in the eglu. (Btw, I got it dead cheap off a woman on gumtree!)

I'll double check food and add extra hay.


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