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Pygmy hedgehog

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CoconutShampoo Thu 28-Apr-16 11:22:56

Hi, please could anyone advise me on getting a Pygmy hedgehog as a pet? I absolutely love animals and look after pets well, I have plenty of time. All I don't like is being bitten! So I could never hold the hamster that my dd had when she was younger - it used to nip, but she didn't mind. It was very loved, just not by me! Are the hedgehogs loving if they get lots of attention? I'd really like to know the good and the bad so that I can make the right decision. Thank you!

Jadime23 Thu 05-May-16 05:35:48

Hi I have 6 african pygmy hedgehogs... they can take a while to get tame. Some are just grumpy, they generally dont bite though. My grumpiest boy who despises being touched has only bitten me once, and he is spiky ball of hate ❤
Saying that I have one girl who is completely soppy. It really depends on the hog. If you have the time they can make the best pets! I love mine to pieces! There is a great facebook page african pygmy hedgehog club uk which is amazing for advice 😊

DrunkDori Thu 05-May-16 06:22:39

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