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current best practice for piggy hay / straw / bedding?

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megletthesecond Sun 24-Apr-16 14:09:15

I'm hoping to re-piggy our house at the end of summer after a five year break for logistical reasons. It appears that there are endless types of bedding available these days and I don't know what I should use. 9yo ds has some low level hay or tree pollen fever so I have to test him before we get new pigs.

I always used to use a mixture of hay (the grassy stuff) and straw (the golden thicker stuff) for bedding (stopped using sawdust 20yrs ago). Is it better to use the shredded fluffy style bedding and pop in little hay racks or can I still use hay on the floor?

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 24-Apr-16 15:19:05

Congratulations on Re-Pigging your house grin where are you looking for your Hogs-To-Be?

Depends on the time of year what our lardy pigs sleep on.
We have a wooden playhouse for ours with a plastic trunk (the kind you use to store those garden cushions ) with two doors cut. And a tunnel made from an old bookcase with doors to make 3 rooms.

They have fresh bedding daily, the floor is fairly clean.(because they don't bother much wandering about, lazy toads)

I use cardboard as a base layer and newspaper.
In winter, soft straw , in summer cardboard shreddings (either equine chopped card or the bedding I make from card and a shredder - takes a while though grin )

Rodent safe wooden cat litter in the haybox then paper and hay/straw.

Indoors , I use fleece on paper (on a layer of the wood pellets) and hay cookies.

I've tried all sorts- fleece, Megazorb, card shreddings. My pigs seem to like sleeping on hay but ddon't like hay in racks.
In Summer, I give them a small amount to cuddle in and hay in loo roll tubes to eat.
I bought a wire /chrome cube to fill with hay last year and found our boar and GP5 calmly sitting in it, peeing and poohing <<sigh>>

Start stocking up on your newspaper and buy a couple of staple removers ................

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