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I fell in love today

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70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 22-Apr-16 22:24:54


With a rabbit, a beautiful Himalayan with the most pointy little face and ruby eyes.
It came over to the front of the cage and wriggled it's nose at me.
I didn't touch it though I longed to stroke it's soft fur and velvet ears.

Why do I feel so sad? Because I know that someone will buy this little bunny and another will take his place.
He might (I hope) have a lovely life. But statistically he might well end up in a hutch. Alone. In a garden.
One of the silent neglected.
He couldn't come and live with me, I can't be keeping rabbits (I am honest with myself)

Bloody pet shops angry

FernieB Sat 23-Apr-16 10:58:49

All small animals know I'm a soft touch and do cute looks and soppy eyes at me whenever I go into a pet shop. I have to steel myself to be hard hearted. It helps that I know how awkward and stroppy rabbits can be. They may look fluffy and cuddly, but behind that fluffiness is a stubborn, grunty thing that ignores you unless you offer its special biscuits, refuses to cuddle and will throw its jingly bell ball at you to try and trip you up when you walk past. Not that I'm thinking of any bunny in particular (stares hard at Current Bun)grin.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 23-Apr-16 11:32:14


Animals in PetShops don't usually get me there (points to where my heart should be)
The baby piggies, I think "Oh aren't they sweet" but that's it,
Rabbits I'm "Mmm" but that;s it.

But this one was looking at me. Or maybe being Ruby eyed (like my piggie) he wasn't actually looking.

And if he did come to live ** in my (empty-ish) garage and mangle up my garden, he'd be "See ya sucker, thanks for the grass"

** Obviously bunny and his Plus One.

Can't see DH entertaining a House Bunny with all the computer and TV cables .

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