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Help guinea pigs about to go outside and found Ivy all over the place.

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Washediris Thu 31-Mar-16 14:41:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ArmchairTraveller Thu 31-Mar-16 14:53:19

I've always found it easy to weed ivy, no thorns and shallow roots.
Or you could put down a groundcover sheet, and the piggies will still have the space to explote, and you can do grass deliveries several times a day.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 31-Mar-16 19:57:50

Ivy should be fairly easy to rip up.
We put ours out for 30 minutes while we cleaned the Pighouse. There was a buttercup patch that I tried to remove (got most) and trusted my adult pigs to not eat it.
They are pretty sensible though I'd never trust them 100% wink

FernieB Thu 31-Mar-16 21:19:05

I'm a bit odd in that I find ivy quite satisfying to pull up. It usually consists of quite long stems which rip up really easily, so you can actually clear a lot in a short time. I once cleared an area of about half a tennis court in a couple of hours. The worst thing is thinking about it, once you start it's not that bad.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 31-Mar-16 21:55:53

Why only half the tennis court Fernie
Were you trying to tangle your opponent up in ivy and scupper their chances?

Wanders off to think about embroidery 'n' stuff..............................

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