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Happy Easter Super Furry Animals

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70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 26-Mar-16 23:37:06


Hopefully, lots of Easter Dinner veg will make its way to your food plate ( brocilli stems, carrot,parsnips) maybe some fresh grass.

The 70 hogs were a bit tbuhmm at the Rabbit pictures on everything and were very excited to read about the Peruvian Guinea Pig Festival.

They dress the guineas up ( bit disrespectful, they said, but no worse than the Christmas hats)
They have a parade and give prizes to the Best dressed ones.
They feed them with sweetcorn (getting better, they said)

Then..............^they cook and eat them^
shock . "When was this decided"? they spluttered. "When did Festival mean We Are dinner "

I bribed them with Cavelo Nero and tucked them in for the night.
Here on this side of the pond, hopefully all the SuperFurries have a nice Easter, there won't be any rabbits bought as impulse pets and the worse thing that befalls them is the annual humiliation of a Festive Hat Photo.

FernieB Sun 27-Mar-16 08:11:27

tbushock Current Bun is unimpressed by the whole Easter Bunny thing - he finds the pressure to find good hiding places for a load of chocolate eggs very stressful, having to wear a bonnet is degrading (he's a boy - can he wear a trilby instead?) and carrying a basket is just not practical when you're hopping (one big hop and the eggs fall out). He's gone back to bed and declared that Easter is cancelled.

The pigs wish they'd never heard of the Peruvian pig festival. Luckily they don't like sweet corn so will be unable to take part in that aspect. They are looking forward to Easter veg though.

Happy Easter folks!

EastMidsGPs Sun 27-Mar-16 09:12:53

Happy Easter everyone
EastMidsGPs were must unhappy to discover that Easter Saturday actually meant ' 'have a bath Saturday' due to Sadie turning green from playing outside on Friday!!

Today the Newcastle clan are visiting so there is the possibility for lots of cuddles and treatssmile and we're hoping the humans have really tasty vegetables to share with us ....
:-). we have our paws in our ears - La La La La - whilst being told of the Peruvian Guinea Pig Festival but feel sure these celebration have not reached darkest Nottinghamshire
We hope all the piggies who've been ill recently are convalesing nicely and making progress back to good health xx

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