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a pair of baby guinea pigs to keep an older one company?

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ginandmoregin Mon 14-Mar-16 21:17:57

One of our guinea pigs has died sad Her sister seems rather sad and lonely.

The DC want to get a newbie to keep her company... I'm thinking that, well, practically speaking, as she's already 5 and might not have that long left, it might be best to get two, so that we don't end up with another lonely piggy in a few months!

Is that a good idea? Would she be likely to feel ganged up on if we get a pair? I was thinking of a couple of youngsters so not too threatening for her.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Tue 15-Mar-16 21:01:32

Oh very sad for moreginpiggie, 5 is a venerable piggie age.

Sows are funny little things, it is difficult to predict how things will pan out.

Your piggie might get ousted by two new sows. She might feel "Hoorah" with two tiny energetic piggies and a new lease of life with Spring in the air.
Or she might think "What fresh Hell is this, I want a quiet life like I did with my cagemate"

They can be difficult to pair with an older (set in their ways) piggie though.

Your options are-
a couple of young piggie sows, but threes a crowd sometimes.
one young piglet and you add another when the time comes
a neutered boar , then you can add more females (I have two sows+neutered boar they are lovely)

Alot depends on your piggie really.
We got our girls when our old boar died and we had young GP3 alone (got him neutered). When GP3 died the girls were a bit meh, so we got neutered boar GP6.

Sows do tend to get picked over boars, the Rescue we got ours from have the females reserved almost as soon as they are sexed.
You'll be into an unended spiral of piggies , it never ends does it? (I'm going to be MadPiggieWoman till I'm 90yo, even though I say GP6 is The Last)

For now, cuddle your piggie, keep her in a busy place in the house if you can, and phone a few Rescues to see what they have.

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