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'Paired' Rabbit death + how to bury?

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wheelofapps Tue 01-Mar-16 11:37:10

Looking for advice please.

We have had a pair of 'paired' rabbits (m/f, neutered) for 3 years.
They were around 3 when we took them on and are devoted to each other.

The male has been getting thin / tired. Yesterday I noticed he was sitting alone in the bedroom of the hutch looking like his time was coming to an end.

The larger rabbit bounced and knocked him over so we brought him inside to an indoor pen so he'd be warm and quiet for his passing.

This morning he died. Children very very upset.

Other rabbit looking a bit lost (though there are 2 GP's for company, and they all get on well).

Do I 'show' her her dead friend so she understands 'where he has gone' or would that be pointless / wrong?

Also - child doesn't want to bury Rabbit in garden or cremate.
He wants to buy a huge huge terracotta / plastic garden Urn/Planter and put him in there with some plants on the top. Is this practical?

FernieB Tue 01-Mar-16 13:54:53

Sorry to hear about your rabbit. The bereft rabbit will be feeling lonely. Let her see his body and spend some time with it so she understands what has happened. Then make sure you give her lots of extra attention. Pigs don't speak rabbit, so aren't much company for her really.

The planter idea is not great. To be blunt, basically you'll end up with a decomposing body on your patio. It may well get maggotty and quite unpleasant. Or, if you have local foxes, you'll have provided them with an easy meal. Your child won't like that. Either bury deeply in the garden and then chose a plant to put over the top of the grave or get him cremated.

wheelofapps Tue 01-Mar-16 13:58:33

FernieB thanks for info on letting bereaved Rabbit 'see' dead Rabbit.

Child is ASD and isn't coping with idea of cremation at ALL, so that's out.

We don't have garden, just gravelled area by front door where large tall 'Roman Urn' type thing could go - person sized if needed? My plan was to put stones in bottom, Rabbit about 3 foot deep, and then lots of rocks on top and further earth/stones/gravel then big plant on top? (don't know how we'd move it if we moved though?)

FernieB Tue 01-Mar-16 16:30:32

I still wouldn't. What if the plant dies or needs re-potting because it has outgrown the pot? You'd have to dig it out and deal with bunny remains as well. And I wouldn't count out the cunning of foxes. They'd still get into it if they wanted and they'd leave an awful mess. Or, if you moved, you'd either have to leave it behind which would be a horrible surprise for the new people, or empty it to take it with you.

Can you take the body to the vets for cremation and tell your child that because you don't have room in your garden, the vet is going to arrange for bunny to be buried in a special garden with other pets. Unfortunately you can't visit because it's a long way away but how about you make a special bunny garden in a planter to remember him. Or send him for cremation and do the planter thing and pretend to bury him in it for the child's sake. Sometimes it can be kinder to lie.

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