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GPs and extra vitamins

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EastMidsGPs Sat 13-Feb-16 12:54:52

The EastMids GPs are sensing Spring is just around the corner and tbh i am very relieved i've got them both through the winter - especially M who is coming up 4 and has had a chest infection in the past.
Anyway the thought finally dawned on me this morning. Every day, religiously, i add vitamin drops to their first water bottle of the day ... only to realise that i might be the only one getting the benefit of these vitamins ... absorbed through my skin as i get the liquid all over me!
When i go to change the water in the water bottle it never looks as if they've drunk any ... even tho now they are getting bottled water at the suggestion of Bella Bunny smile
So my question to all you experienced GP owners is ... how do you get the extra vitamins into you piggies if not via their water? I cannot believe how much time and money I've wasted over the years!

FernieB Sat 13-Feb-16 14:09:41

I've never bothered with any of the vitamin drops. GP nuggets are fortified with vitamin C anyway and they eat a lot of veg, so get essential nutrients through their diet.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 13-Feb-16 22:36:21

My pigs reliably inform me that they get all their water and vitamins from their vegetables so I need to ensure they have a good and varied selection of fresh fodder ready. Twice daily, enough for three growing pigs, and don't try to trick them into eating the same thing for breakfast/supper. They're greedy but not daft ! grin. Just because I have to leave the house some days at 7.15 doesn't mean I can make up double, I should get up 10 minutes earlier.
They eat pellets for the extra Vit C and mint (for digestion) and hay to stop their bums slamming shut from lethargy.
Hay cookies are good for noise, thrown into the empty metal food dish.

But, there's no need for me to be complacent or tardy, the water bottle must always be there, fresh daily , ready to be ignored. wink

If I have an ill piggie , I put some probitics powder on the veg ( they don't notice ) or Vit C dissolved and given via syringe. This they do notice and fight, so DD and I wear most of it <sigh>>

EastMidsGPs Sun 14-Feb-16 19:00:55

Thank you all for your advice. First ever vet checking my first and rescue GP (Squeak who was actually as tough as old boots) told me they needed extra vitamins ... so have always given drops. Mind you that same vet said they shouldn't have cucumber ... all of mine over the years would take you hand off for a chunk of cucumber 😊
I will cease with the drops .. their diet is far more varied than mine

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