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Would anyone like a large Forsham rabbit hutch? (Kent)

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PippaHotamus Sat 13-Feb-16 08:57:08

We have only got two buns left and so have a surplus hutch - it's proper wood, not the enormous Forsham one but it's still 6ft by 2ft roughly.

Very solid, will need a proper clean, the floor is lined with vinyl which is stuck down very well (I did it when I put the hutch together). Makes it a lot quicker to dry when you clean them out.

It's not perfect but they do last very well.
Will try and get a photo, it's under another hutch at the moment! This is the one from the website.

I can't deliver but we are near Whitstable if anyone can collect it.

No charge obviously.

PippaHotamus Sat 13-Feb-16 09:11:13

Here is half of it!

Various rescue centres advertise for hutches, e.g.

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