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Can my hamster escape through the bars?

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ScarlettDarling Tue 12-Jan-16 21:49:01

We have 2 Russian dwarf hamsters, very friendly, fast and cute.

The last 2 nights we've seen one of them scurrying around upside down, hanging onto the bars on the roof of the cage! He seems to be trying to chew or squeeze through them!

It's the cage which Pets at home recommended for dwarf hamsters but I'm worried that it's going to be able to escape!

We don't have a clue how he's getting up there...he can't be climbing up the walls of the cage as they're smooth plastic. Help!

nicolapompicola Fri 15-Jan-16 13:36:31

It's unlikely that he'll be able to escape, however, P@H cages are notoriously small, and I'd be more concerned in case they started fighting over space, which is incredibly common when the cages are "standard" sized.

But no, don't worry about him escaping, but watch out for fighting or obsessive bar chewing as they're both signs of a cage that is too small.

Herrerarerra Fri 15-Jan-16 13:39:14

We once had a hamster who could open the door of his cage, it was fully barred and he'd chew around the catch until it gave way and out he'd run! The padlock stopped him....

lornathewizzard Fri 15-Jan-16 13:41:10

We got Russian dwarf hamsters from pets at home and were told we needed a plastic cage (ie no bars). As I recall that was a member of staff, even though the label on the barred cages said they would be ok for dwarf hamsters

kimlo Fri 15-Jan-16 13:42:00

I had a large syrian hamster who could get out of his cage. I still have no idea how he managed it, but if you left the door open eventually he would come back and go to bed.

ILoveGreekCats Fri 15-Jan-16 13:45:31

One of our hamsters escaped through the bars. I found him on the stairs in the middle of the night! Nearly gave me a heart attack! It was where the water bottle pushes the bars apart slightly. I put the bottle on from the inside and I don't think he managed to escape again.

ScarlettDarling Fri 15-Jan-16 20:58:25

We have a plastic cage, but it's got a door on the top which is bars. Somehow the little bugger is scurrying up the smooth plastic wall and clinging to the bars, flying around them upside down like a bat!

Still, as long as he can't squeeze or gnaw his way through them, I'll relax!

Alexa444 Sat 20-Feb-16 20:02:15

If you can get your finger through up to your nailbed then a dwarf can get through. I am amazed at some of the spaces mine gets into.

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