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Converting bunny from indoor pet to outdoor

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Notwithoutareason Sun 27-Dec-15 15:12:58

Is this possible? 3 y o male rabbit

Currently house rabbit. We want to buy him an outdoor hutch when weather turns a bit better March ish sort of time

Would it need to be gradual ie days outside and nights in at first ?
Any advice appreciated

FernieB Sun 27-Dec-15 17:44:17

I wouldn't advise it. As he's a lone bunny, he'll be very lonely outside on his own. Inside he's been used to the company and noises of the people in the house. Outside its just him.

southeastastra Sun 27-Dec-15 17:50:14

Get him a nice run so he can get used to being out he can dig and graze get a hutch that has a large outside area too

AnchorDownDeepBreath Sun 27-Dec-15 17:50:48

We tried but it made ours so unhappy that we bought him back inside. They can't get used to being locked away from people - they get used to the noise and bustle of inside.

Notwithoutareason Sun 27-Dec-15 18:06:17

How do you know they are unhappy? Do they get sick ?

I'm really not sure what to do now. No option to rehome (dcs live him and there's nobody we know who would) but youngest dc seems to be very allergic to him, it's got progressively worse so I'm thinking an outside hutch from spring time is the only option ? No idea what to do sad

fiverabbits Sun 27-Dec-15 18:07:59

We tried this with an indoor rabbit who was only 8 months old and we think she didn't move or eat all night, we brought her in also because she had never seen grass before and didn't enjoy the garden either. She was a brilliant indoor rabbit and eventually used to go in and out on her own even in the dark. It was no fun standing in the dark waiting for a rabbit to have a wee and then a run around the garden at one o'clock in the morning.

CottonSock Sun 27-Dec-15 18:10:33

I moved mine into the garage, he has free run. Seems happy enough. Do you have a shed or similar?

Notwithoutareason Sun 27-Dec-15 18:11:56

Our rabbit adores being outside in his run and goes out nearly daily unless weather is terrible (he hides under his towel and growls if it's raining!)
I suppose it's very different actually living outside though. I just don't know what to do. Been looking at nice big hutches but I don't want him to be unhappy. Don't want ds to be constantly on antihistamines either !

Notwithoutareason Sun 27-Dec-15 18:13:10

Yes we have a shed but it's right at the end of the garden, would that matter that he would be so far (it's quite a big garden)

At least he would be safe from foxes then but I'm guessing he would still be lonely

SisterViktorine Sun 27-Dec-15 18:27:32

Would it be possible to bond him with a female?

I think they become very inactive when they are miserable- mine have each barely moved when they have been separated for neutering.

If you bonded him with a friend and built a large rabbit-fenced area around your shed I would think he might be happy I am a novice?

southeastastra Sun 27-Dec-15 18:29:08

He will be fine just make sure he's let out daily and not ignored

FernieB Sun 27-Dec-15 21:39:30

Could you find a neutered female of a similar age to bond him with? Most rescues would happily bond them for you and they often have quite a few older bunnies looking for a friend. Then he'd not be lonely and would have a companion who will have been living outdoors and be able to show him the ropes.

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