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The Time Has Come For Festive Super Furry Animal Photos......;)

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70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 20-Dec-15 10:25:54

I bought the 70 hogs some new hats because I couldn't find the old ones because since last Christmas we've bid farewell to GP3 and welcomed GP6.

Last night we were having a 'practice run'............ bearing in mind that the RSPCA doesn't really approve of dressing animals up for our entertainment. I don't think they'd approve of double sided tape on the cavies' craniums either, so it's hit'n'miss. goes.
We'll have a Proper Go on Christmas Eve.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 20-Dec-15 10:48:08

You can tell the Himmy (my pig GP5) isn't playing along , wearing her hat like a flatcap and refusing to look at the camera <<sigh>>

fortifiedwithtea Sun 20-Dec-15 11:33:42

I'd have said French chic beret style fgrin

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 20-Dec-15 12:13:33

Benny Hills "Fred Scuttle" ?........... He wore a beret fwink

fortifiedwithtea Sun 20-Dec-15 12:44:50

No shock please don't compare lovely Oreo with Benny Hill, I could never stand him.

Will there be more pictures Christmas Eve? fsmile <hopeful>

CantSee4Looking Sun 20-Dec-15 12:48:20

They are lovely pictures 70

Orange1969 Sun 20-Dec-15 12:58:42

Mungo the tortoise smile

fortifiedwithtea Sun 20-Dec-15 13:21:33

Aww, Mungo is beautiful fsmile

Orange1969 Sun 20-Dec-15 14:00:39

Thanks Fortified smile

FernieB Sun 20-Dec-15 19:49:00

70 she's just showing her best side to the camera! Very cute photo. They all look appropriately disgruntled at being made to wear humiliating hats for human entertainment wink. I let Gingerpig see the Christmas tree (first Christmas for him) - he was so excited he wee'd on me.

FernieB Sun 20-Dec-15 19:49:43

Love Mungo. He has festive stars on his shell already.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 20-Dec-15 20:42:04

fgrin love Mungo, I had no idea that they could have such beautiful patterns on their shells ( I do sometimes have a peek at the terrapins in tanks at one of the better petshops with their little red spots )

All sides of Oreo is her best side wink she doesn;t have the distinct L/R that her tricolour cagemates do.

Well except her rump. Not a good side. Bit manky [sigh].

Gingerpig will not contain himself when the Christmas Veg trimmings come his way . It's GP6 first Christmas with us. I'm sure the sows will tell him all about it.
"Only good thing about living with pesky vegetarians" they say " decent choice of food".

I bought them that cavalo nero black cabbage from Waitrose last week (very dark, much darker than spinach) they loved it, but had to limit.

I do feel very smug buying red chard and leafy celery for my furbabies (and pretend my healthy trolley is for me) blush

Orange1969 Sun 20-Dec-15 22:13:22

Aw, thanks so much smile

Mungo is an Indian Star Tortoise and the species do have the most beautiful shell markings smile

Love all the pics on this thread.

WyrdByrd Fri 25-Dec-15 08:15:49

Merry Christmas from the WyrdPigs!

FernieB Fri 25-Dec-15 08:38:14

Merry Christmas Wyrdpigs. They look almost excited to be dressing up in a festive manner.

WyrdByrd Fri 25-Dec-15 09:02:21

smile They'd just opened their stocking and had a breakfast of fresh peppers.

I wouldn't dare dress them up properly (although quite tempted to try Luna in one of our mini Build a Bear outfits) - they are just snuggled in a spare stocking and Santa hat!

fortifiedwithtea Fri 25-Dec-15 13:01:23

Merry Christmas everyone fsmile

The fortified pigs have munched through a pot of parsley and are hiding in a new brown paper bag.

Cute pic Wyrdbird fsmile

RattieOfCatan Fri 25-Dec-15 15:23:37

Ashi would love to wish you all a merry Christmas!

I love Mungo!

Orange1969 Fri 25-Dec-15 16:20:17

Thanks Rattie - I used to have pet rats! Your ratty is gorgeous smile

RattieOfCatan Fri 25-Dec-15 19:28:47

Thanks smile he's my heart rat smile

FernieB Sat 26-Dec-15 20:27:17

Very cute rat. Love the tinsel garland.

My boys enjoyed Christmas. Current Bun opened his present himself - he had a carrot shaped bunny cake and loves it so much he'd taken it to bed with him last night when I gave him his supper. This morning what little was left of it was halfway across the kitchen floor. The pigs were less impressed. Gingerpig did popcorns at his hay bell but Scruffy just had a tiny nibble then went back to bed. Think he's feeling his age.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 27-Dec-15 18:15:56

Aww lovely photos of the wyrdpigs and ashi

The 70pigs had their photographs done (very similar to the practice photo but in the kitchen. We put GP6 in the Santa Hat too fgrin )

Then they were in the Pighouse on Christmas night (with heater, food and hay) because we had to take my DMum to A&E (got home about 2am Boxing day morning) so I told DD to feed them and not bring them in.

I'll put a picture up once I get DD to email it to me

WyrdByrd Sun 27-Dec-15 20:51:28

We have been having all sorts of fun with Luna and the Build a Bear clothes this afternoon fgrin fblush

Hope your mum is OK 70

FernieB Sun 27-Dec-15 21:36:03

Hope Luna enjoyed her fashion show! 70 - I hope your Mum is okaythanksthanks

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 28-Dec-15 15:06:26

Thank You.. They went to DBro DSil yesterday and back to their house today then she'll need to see her own GP.
It;s a huge worry but in a way, it was better that we were all here (and I don't drink so I could follow the Ambulance).

We still had our Christmas festivities, just had to re-arrange things a bit.

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