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Guinea Pig Water Retension

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fortifiedwithtea Sun 13-Dec-15 15:27:36

We've had Millie just over 2 years and our vet commented on her odd shape the first time she examined her poked eye on hay, she had a lot of fluid and we should watch it.

I gave the girls a cardboard box 'house' to play with yesterday and poor Millie couldn't get through the door without doing a bit of DIY first. Naughty Girl smugly fitted nicely in. Millie is basically a furry water bomb sad She also has a lump on her tummy but that doesn't appear to be attached to any organ, its just under her skin.

DD1 wants her to go to the vet. I'm fairly certain the fluid is caused by ovarian cysts. Given that Millie is nearly 5 years old and what happened to poor Fatimus who had a hysterectomy, I'm very reluctance to consider surgery.

Millie is happy and loving her food so not showing any signs of distress. I'll gave her extra dandelion leaves to see if that helps bring down the fluid. A remedy Millie will definitely like smile

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 13-Dec-15 19:16:38

Ooh poor Millie (do you know if Millie had piglets before she came to live with you. My past experience of breeders versus non-breeders is they tend to get that lardy hipped look)

YY to dandelions,cucumber,celery all diueretic (makes 'em pee more)

I would be very reluctant too to put a 5yo pig through surgery unless they were exhibiting symptoms of pain (and even then, I'd be considering other options if it was that bad sad )

Is she peeing ok at the moment?

Lump on the tummy is most likely a fatty cyst or nodule if it;s not attatched.

Guineas are lovely and I think sometimes just let them have their natural lifespan, however long that is. Take all decisions about surgery seriously and weigh up all the options,
And sometimes, as you say, the option isn't surgery.

<<Lardy 70 sows sending pawholds. Lardy 70 boar is doing his Father Dougal face>>

fortifiedwithtea Sun 13-Dec-15 20:00:03

Thanks 70

As far as I know, Millie has never been a momma pig. She lived with another sow who did not come to us. Millie is such a clever girl. She learned her new name and puts her head up when she hears "Millie" or answers with a wheek.

Plenty of pee and poo and eating well.

Feeling a bit gloomy at the prospect that Naughty Girl might out live yet another 4th friend sad

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 13-Dec-15 21:34:13

What about asking the vet to scan her , see what's going on in there?

If it is fluid round the organs (I'm sure this would show up as there would be 'space' between the organs and her body muscle filled with fluids)

Any ovarian, bladder or kidney issues should show up (if they're enlarged or lumpy)

Then you'd know one way or t'other?

But, going by the guineas day to day behaviour will give you a very good indication.
Has her weight increased?

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 13-Dec-15 21:41:34

It must be worrying for your DD too but if you ask her the "and what then" scenario.

If we do take her to the vets and they say she has XYZ , what then?

Scientific Neglect (the lovely Animal Hospital Chief Vet's phrase for 'keep an eye on it but don't treat' )



Where do you say "enough" ?

Then she can weigh it all up.

(My DD is just as worried when her pigs are ill and it is a huge juggling act to look after the interests of your pet and your child sad )

FernieB Sun 13-Dec-15 21:49:44

I would probably not take to the vets. If she's happily doing her piggy business, then leave her to it. She's not bothered about her shape and fitting through doors! It's difficult to explain this to your DD though.

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