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1 bunny died from a bonded pair

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graffe Wed 25-Nov-15 18:30:49

I am absolutely devasted, we had to have one of our buns put to sleep last night as she broke her spine i have not stopped crying all day.
Her name was Ivy and her sister Belle has been left behind, she seems very depressed. I brought back Ivys body and lay her down with belle so she knew she had passed.

I now dont know what to do regarding another companion for belle, i dont want to replace her sister but she has never been alone. I have spoken to a locol mini lop breeder and she has got a 14 month old female that i can go and view i am just slightly apprenhensive as belle is only 6 months old.

Has anybody got any advice they can give me?

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 25-Nov-15 20:48:55

sad no advice , I'm a guinea mum not a rabbit person.

But I have been in your situation with a bereaved loner and I've rebonded them, they don't like to be alone . what a terrible thing to happen to your rabbit, poor girl.

With rabbits, most people recommend a doe/buck pairing. Would you be able to contact a Rescue to see if they had a neutered buck you could pair up with Belle? They will bond on neutral ground for you.

You're not replacing Ivy, you are doing what;s right for Belle. Social animals really need company, and your rabbit is very young still.
Every time one of my guinea-pigs has died and we've mourned them and welcomed another pig (or pigs) into the group, I've taken a while to fall in love with them, but I have done (in reality only a matter of a day or so, but my DD falls instantly head over heels).
Then we realise that the space they leave in your heart when they go.....there's a little animal desperate to step in.


FernieB Thu 26-Nov-15 10:51:30

So, so sorry to hear about Ivy. What a shock for you and Belle thanks

I would echo 70 re a neutered boy. There are usually loads of them in rescues and they're probably easier to bond than a female. Take Belle with you and let her choose her husband. A good rescue will spend time making sure the buns are happy together before they let you take one away. Neutered boys are often very docile and soppy (and daft).

In the meantime, give Belle lots of extra attention and treats as she'll no doubt be feeling a bit lost and lonely.

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