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Dandruff on guinea pigs

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fortifiedwithtea Wed 11-Nov-15 21:26:48

Millie pig had her claws clipped yesterday whilst eating a huge pile of grass, made it less stressful all round.

Then I brushed her and looked through her coat. Her skin is pink under her white hair and brown under her ginger/brown hair. It appears the brown skin has really bad dandruff and the hair comes out easily.

I've looked on the Gorgeous Guinea website and they say these are all sign of early fungal infection. They have a shampoo and some other stuff for it. Does anyone know how many baths will 100ml bottle do? I think I need to do Naughty Girl at the same time.

TiggeryBear Wed 11-Nov-15 21:42:27

Sounds like mange to me, quite common in guinea pigs. Take affected guinea pig & any they live with (in the same hutch) to the vets, usually treated with an injection. Should clear up quite quickly.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 11-Nov-15 22:33:02

Mites gives the snapped off hair - so they look like crew cuts in the affected area. Usually round the rump/hips.

Is she scratching or itching?
Have you noticed anything on Naughty?

For the actual shampoo, to give you an idea on how long it lasts- I have a 250ml bottle of CedarWood and Lemongrass (the strongest aroma used when I bonded GP3 and his sows).
So we've done about 6 full baths and maybe 5-6 part bath/bum dips. There's still at least 60% left.
I add a capfull to a warm jug of water and sluice it over diluted.
I'd imagine in a treatment shampoo, you'd want to apply it neat to the wet fur, but a capfull should be enough per hog.

Our tricolour had a similar dandruffy look , we gave her a wash when they were in for Guy Fawkes . (She'd had a bum dip when she was really manky)

We dose our hogs regularly with Xeno 540 (dropped onto the back of the neck) it treats mites/lice/worms but not ringworm)

Bear in mind, they can get multiple skin issues hmm so you might need to cover all bases and do the Xeno + a fungal. (They recommend CocoNeem melt) . Don't bath the pig after the drops though. Maybe bath then Xeno?

Your vet was good with your other pigs (Coco, Fatimus, OB) , TBH, watching my lardy boar having an injection was not something I'd relish seeing again in a hurry sad

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