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Advice needed on holiday care for Guinea Pig

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gpignname Fri 06-Nov-15 11:14:12

Hi I am after some advice from any guinea pig lovers. We used to have two GPs but sadly one has died (age 5) and now we only have one who is almost 6 now and happy to sleep most of the time. He lives indoors and we give him lots of treats and cuddles. We have decided not to get another one.

So I have two options for when we go on holiday at Xmas (5 days). First is to keep him at home and someone would come once a day to give food, water etc. But he would be all on his own which seems a bit sad for him - but on the other hand it would be his usual familiar home.

Second option is he could go, cage and all, to a friend's house. He would have people around and so on, they would probably be able to give him some attention. But he is not used to them and might be stressed by that (he tends to hurry into his hut and hide when unfamiliar voices etc come into the house).

Any advice?

FernieB Fri 06-Nov-15 12:06:15

I would go with the friends house. Could they put him in a quieter room with less general traffic so it's not too noisy for him if you think that could be an issue? He may like being around the noise though once he got used to it and had been bribed with the appropriate amount of cucumber etc.

gpignname Fri 06-Nov-15 12:12:55

He does take well to bribes (including cucumber)!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 06-Nov-15 13:59:13

Friends House

Your boy is a veteran and as we all know these delightful creatures like their routine but he needs to have a close eye kept on him.

A quiet empty house with a once a day visit still leaves 23+hours on his own.
He'll have his cage, his bowls, his familiar comforts (which is what matters).
They can give him loads of hay and put a blanket over the cage to give him noise buffering.

So Yes to bribes grin but make sure they have a list of what he can/can't eat and the amounts.

The nature of guineas is if they are unwell, it happens rapidly. I'd feel happier with my guineas being looked after in someone elses house than alone. (I even trust DH to do Pig-Care if DD and I are away, but we phone him every day to check!)

gpignname Fri 06-Nov-15 14:18:44

Thanks for the advice. I will ask my friend.

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