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had to separate my boys :(

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chocdonutyy Sat 19-Sep-15 11:27:30

Oh dear, seems my two boars have to be permanently separated. They've been together since they were little (rescue section of p@h)
Charlie occasionally had scratches on his nose from George but it seems charlie fought back last night and gave poor George a few nasty bites to the face sad
I'm treating them myself but keeping a close eye on him and now they have a cage each, was going to sell an old one but luckily didn't get round to it!
They are only young but i really cant have anymore piggys so they might have to be lone piggys, not ideal but im kind of stuck sad
Might have to rehome one as I just don't have the room, pet ownership is never easy!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 19-Sep-15 16:36:01

Ooh poor piggies.

Can you tell us-
how old they are
how big their accomodation is
how their squabbles usually start . Is it food or bolshiness over a hidey box. Does one get trapped by the other one?
Are there any other changes in the house? New animal, new human?

Do they try to dominance mount each other or is it straight to chattering teeth and bites?

Have you tried washing them and making them smell the same. Make their house smell neutral too.

Two pigs in seperate cages is a load more space but they might be re-bondable.
It would be a shame to split them up for good and have a lone pig. Even one that they snipe at through bars is still company,

chocdonutyy Sun 20-Sep-15 08:32:24

They were in a 100cmx100cm square cage that gave them lots of room, I don't think anything set them off particularly, I'd just notice teeth chattering and chasing.
George used to be the dominant one and often would hump poor Charlie after chasing him but it seems last night Charlie had enough and fought back, not sure what happened as I was asleep and heard them scrapping so it woke me up but sounded quiet fast and furious.
They've always lived together so never tried the bathing thing tbh.
Georges seems OK though. I checked him this morning and he's healing over nicely, was going to take him to the vets but he looks better now smile

FernieB Sun 20-Sep-15 12:41:42

I'd try re-bonding them. How old are they? It may just be terrible teens which is unpleasant but can be got through. When my original boys went through this, one ended up with a small piece of ear missing, but they worked through it and were fine generally apart from mounting and bickering at each other constantly (if we removed one from the cage, the other went frantic and wouldn't settle until his friend was back to bicker with).

I'd bath them, thoroughly clean the cage and all houses, bowls and toys. Then put them back in again with some tasty treats and observe. You can also cuddle them together on your lap. They don't usually bicker on laps and will be forced in close proximity to each other. Make sure they have plenty of hay, houses, toys (kitchen rolls tubes, boxes, paper bags) to distract them.

RandomMess Sun 20-Sep-15 12:44:47

I think it was spat where Charlie said "no more" to the bullying and it may all be well now. Has certainly happened amongst girls I've had.

Autumnalhedgehog Wed 04-Nov-15 18:08:47

We had two board one took a chunk out of other had a cage each and run each

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