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Tell me about giant continental rabbits

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pumpkinsweetie Sun 16-Aug-15 16:52:10

Getting my first bunny, a giant continental rabbit soon.
Because he is going to be a house bunny i have purchased a large dog crate for when we are out.

Any tips on what hay to use and whay size run i will need for the garden?

Thinking of buying a cat igloo for sleep and a litter tray for toilet training.

And what is the best recommended food for a giant rabbit?

Tia x

ImBrian Sun 16-Aug-15 23:55:11

I have a giant continental doe who I've only had about a week. I also have a french lop buck and the pair are currently being bonded.

My boy has the run of the kitchen, he has a litter tray and is very clean. His favourite thing to sleep on is an old bath mat, the fluffy bed I bought him was humped a few times and is now ignored!

My doe is a scruffy cow, she currently thinks every where is a toilet! Hopefully once she's neutered she'll settle a bit more. She has a cornered off part of the kitchen for when I'm not in but the rest of the time she's loose. I wouldn't lock a bunny in a dog crate for any period of time as it won't be big enough. Can you not partition off part of the room instead and use the cage as a base?

The pair of them also spend a lot of the time in the garden. I don't have a run as I have 6ft high walls that they can't get under and no foxes. Plus they're only out there when someone's in. If you use a run then big as possible, I think 6x8 is recomended for normal sized buns so even bigger then that.

Giant buns are just like smaller ones food wise, my conti seems a lot more food orientated then my frenchie. They both have a handful of burgus mint pellets morning and night and a couple of fibafirst sticks a day. I give them unlimited hay, she will pick at it but my buck won't touch the stuff. They also have lots of grass and I try and give them rabbit friendly weeds/plants when I can.

Are you going to get him neutered? It stops them spraying/humping/being stroppy and means you can get him a wife.

Last but not least have you seen a full grown conti? They are huge, like a small dog. They need to be well handled from a young age as a full size stroppy conti who doesn't want to be picked up is a nightmare and can cause real damage. Apart from that though they're brilliant and make great house rabbits.

Have you seen one already or are you rescuing?

pumpkinsweetie Mon 17-Aug-15 11:01:11

Thankyou imbrian

I have seen one, he is a baby and i am collecting him saturday smile
I plan on allowing him full run of the house, except certain areas, due to wires, like you the kitchen is probably the best area for this as nothing electrical within reach he could chew at. I only plan on using the dog crate at night or when i am out, other than that he should be a free range bunnysmile

I have seen how massive they can get, excited to see how big he will end up being.

I have also bought a hutch with a run so he can experience the outdoors, if it gets to small i plan on getting a walk through chicken coop as my garden has too many escape routes.

And yes getting him neutered is a good idea.
What insurance do you use for your bunnies? tia

ImBrian Fri 21-Aug-15 08:07:48

Baby contis are very cute, you'll have to put some pictures on when you get him.

Neutering worked really well with mine, he recovered really quickly and it stopped him getting over excited. My does getting spayed on Tuesday but they take a bit longer to get over it.

Rather then locking him in the dog cage over night could you use a puppy pen as well so he can stretch his legs? Mine are lazy during the day but still get up and wander about now and then. The big walk through run sounds fab, mine love being outside even when it's raining.

Insurance wise I haven't don't it yet! It's something I should look into though as the vets cost a fortune.

This is my conti girl, she's 4 months old and having a growth spurt. She's overtaken my 5 month old frenchie in length but is a slimmer build. He's like a chunky teddy bless him.

ImBrian Fri 21-Aug-15 08:08:55

Big bunny

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