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Any ferret owners about?

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ThePortlyPinUp Thu 13-Aug-15 20:17:20

We have recently adopted two male ferrets, they are about 12 weeks old. One is very gentle whilst the other is nippy. He has drawn blood on me twice now, each time he tries to nip we tell him no and put him back in the cage for time out, how long is this likely to last?

They have lots of toys including cat toys and guttering to run through and we have been letting them have free rein of a ferret proofed room whenever they are awake.

I do love the little blighters already but I'm nervous that the biter won't ever be tame enough for the children to confidently handle.

Does anyone have any tips?

Mitzi50 Thu 13-Aug-15 20:28:16

Ferrets are great pets (apart from the smell). My son used to have two lovely boys. Presuming he doesn't want to be held, isn't the time out actually giving him what he wants? Are they neutered? If you got them from a rescue, can they give you advice?

ThePortlyPinUp Thu 13-Aug-15 20:34:31

We got them from some family members so I will talk to them for some advice when they are free.

We were using time out as he really enjoys playing out with a wider range of toys and he is nipping as he just passes by as well as when he is handled back into his cage. Ideally I'd like him to be tame enough to handle as his brother is, other than this issue they are fast becoming much loved pets. They are much more intelligent and entertaining than I had previously imagined.

Both the boys will be neutered once they are old enough, I've read that it helps with their smell and hopefully they won't be aggressive with each other.

Mitzi50 Thu 13-Aug-15 21:17:48

They have brilliant characters and are great fun if they are well socialised. We used to take ours out for walks on a lead accompanied by our dogs. I think there's a way of holding them gently which stops them being able to turn their head to bite you. Can you use food as a reward?

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