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Bathing a guinea pig with a bad back.

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Ladymoods Fri 07-Aug-15 13:36:22

Unfortunately my son accidentally dropped one of our guinea pigs the other day and she is in 'spinal shock' (nothing broken thankfully). She was dragging her legs but is now limping so is hopefully on the mend. She has been weeing quite a bit so I need to give her a wash but obviously need to be a bit careful due to her injury. We've only had them a few weeks and I haven't bathed them yet, so any tips or advice would be much appreciated.

cashewnutty Fri 07-Aug-15 13:37:47

We never, ever bathed our guinea pigs when we had them. Is this a 'thing'? The always seemed lovely and clean.

ClaimedByMe Fri 07-Aug-15 13:39:10

I've had 6 guinea pigs over the years and never bathed them...

Ladymoods Fri 07-Aug-15 13:43:38

Ok but she's currently got quite a lot of urine on her fur as she's not moving around as much so I thought it might be best not to leave it like that. I probably didn't make that clear.

cashewnutty Fri 07-Aug-15 13:57:26

I think if you really want to bathe it you might put a little bit water in a plastic tub, pop in the piggy and just do a gentle swoosh over the piddly bits?

RoobyTuesday Fri 07-Aug-15 14:00:17

I have bathed my guinea pigs when one of them had ring worm as I had to use a special shampoo to treat them. Just a washing up bowl in tepid water will be fine - they won't like it so do it as quick as possible with a towel to wrap and dry straight after.

EnlightenedOwl Fri 07-Aug-15 14:04:30

Can you go back to the vet who you saw and ask for advice before bathing?

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 07-Aug-15 14:40:34

If she does need bathed (and if she's got wee on her fur it will irritate so I'd say "Yes, she does" ) then you need to make it as stress free as possible for her.

I'd put her on a thick folded up towel so her bum end is at the edge but her body is supported on the towel cushion (keeping her back steady) You can push the towel up round her front and sides to cocoon her.
Then warm water in a jug just pour over her rump. A diluted shampoo solution to clean then rinse.

It'll be a 2 person job (grimaces remembering the pigs last bath time)

Wrap in a clean towel to let it absorb then let her dry properly indoors in a hay filled box.

Hopefully she won't need bathed too often.
Is she poohing okay?

Ladymoods Fri 07-Aug-15 15:44:32

Thank you, some good tips. She is pooing ok, I just think that because she's not moving about as much that she is sitting in it a bit more. It seems to be in one place rather than all around the run. I'm just concerned about hurting her because of her injury but I'll just have to go carefully.

Ladymoods Fri 07-Aug-15 16:55:17

Both guinea pigs are currently happily snuggled in their blankets, both actually really seemed to like it! Thanks all.

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