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Pics of the new rabbits!

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Icantthinkofagoodusername Wed 05-Aug-15 16:47:01

Still nameless but we're working on it. They went into the hutch nicely but haven't ventured down the ramp yet, been home around 2hours now. Had a quiet peek and they have had some food and are moving about having a good sniff. Here's a good pic taken in the shop before they got boxed up...

GinBunny Wed 05-Aug-15 16:59:10

I luffs them <sighs>

FernieB Wed 05-Aug-15 17:54:54

Squeeeeeeeee! They're gorgeous. I luffs them too.

They don't just need real life names, they need MN names toowink

Icantthinkofagoodusername Wed 05-Aug-15 19:37:12

Thanks ladies. They still haven't ventured down the ramp yet, should I be worried?

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 05-Aug-15 21:06:37

Aww lovely rabbits (I'm not a bunny keeper, I know nought about them either )

Are they male/female or both same?

YY to the MN names - essential grin

I wouldn't worry about them not venturing , as long as they have plenty of hay and access to water they'll settle in time.

envy that rabbits can be litter trained unlike messy piggies.

FernieB Wed 05-Aug-15 21:45:43

Young bunnies can be very curious and they will probably start venturing very soon. At the moment they are settling in as everything is new to them, so they're probably getting plenty of excitement just in the top bit at the moment. Once they get used to that, they'll wonder what the ramp is and one of them will have a go!

FernieB Wed 05-Aug-15 21:47:57

If, after a couple of days, they still haven't used the ramp, either put their food at the bottom to tempt them down or put them at the bottom so they have to go up. They'll soon get the idea. But leave it a few days to let them settle in and they may well do it themselves anyway.

Icantthinkofagoodusername Wed 05-Aug-15 22:27:42

70is we have one of each. They will get neutered as soon as they are of age!

Fernie when I went out to close the door to the hutch girl bun was on the ground grin. I gave it another 15 mins and when I went back out she had gone upstairs herself - clever girl! She is def braver than her brother who is mostly hanging at the back of the hutch with the occasional sniff at the window. Hopefully tomorrow she'll convince him to explore more.

I've seen the girl having water but not the boy although he is def munching food and hay. Funnily enough I've not seen the girl eating food, only hay. I have tried to keep away as much as possible though. However, I noticed a few poos scattered close together and a little away from that there was a couple of longer thin poos, a bit squashed looking. I'm not sure if this is actually squashed poo or a tummy upset. Will keep an eye out tomorrow. DH says he wishes he had as much attention as the buns are having what with all the reading etc I've been doing and getting the hutch kitted out etc blush

FernieB Thu 06-Aug-15 12:30:13

This is a lovely subject at lunchtime shock but bunnies produce two kinds of poo. There's the round dry pellets which are the most frequently produced and also they do softer longer poos which they sometimes eat (perfectly normal and a healthy thing for a bunny to do). Once you've had them a little while you'll get used to the poo and will be able to spot anything abnormal. It's a good idea to keep an eye on the poo as its a good indication of health, even if it makes you seem weirdly obsessive.

Well done girlie bun for venturing down the ramp. Come on brother bun, where's your sense of adventure?

fiverabbits Thu 06-Aug-15 20:28:14

I have had rabbits for 34 years. I have many a conversation at the vets about poo and wee, it is a good sign for how well the rabbit is. I can't remember any such conversation with a DR for my 2 DC's who are 36 and 34 years old.

fiverabbits Thu 06-Aug-15 20:31:40

Names Biscuit and Cracker

ImBrian Thu 06-Aug-15 22:11:45

Awwwwww they're very cute, it sounds like they're settling in well grin

Icantthinkofagoodusername Sun 09-Aug-15 07:38:31

Just a little update - their names are Dasher (buck) and Clover (doe) grin

Both happily exploring the whole hutch and run now. I bought a smaller litter tray yesterday cos my original was too big and there are already poos in it! Will make cleaning a bit easier although they are still using another area as a toilet and I'm not sure how to stop this. There are random poos scattered about too but pee seems to be focused in two areas, one of which now has the tray in. Does this all sound ok?

LunchpackOfNotreDame Sun 09-Aug-15 11:56:51

Very cute!

One word of advice. Get them neutered!

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