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Male GPs wont get on

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piddlemakesmegiggle Wed 05-Aug-15 09:51:42

My friend has two males and she recently looked after my two girlies (separate cages of course, no hanky panky thankyouverymuch). They are all about a year old and previously had no problems. However I found out my friend's 2 had become very aggressive towards each other and had to be taken to the vets for treatment after one received a nasty bite. They now live in separate cages even though my girls are back home with me. Is it down to my 2 that the boys got aggressive with each other? I feel so guilty if I caused this.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 05-Aug-15 10:09:09

Two males who aren't in contact with females can go a bit lairy if they are in sniffing distance of sows. Though most Rescues/breeders/boardings will keep boars/sows in proximity.

Your friend can try the complete start from scratch re-introduction (once her boy is healed , poor piggies)

Everything neutral. Cage, bedding, bath them.

Put in a neutral territory and watch them. (But if it escalates to intervene. There's 'levels' of alert depending on their body language)

They might get along fine, they might not.
Even if they don't , they can still side-by-side,
My GP6 was a Rescue who fought with his brother (both were neutered and rehomed)

My GP1/GP2 went through a scrappy phase - we kept them apart at night (winter night cage) but they were together by day (more room in the Pighouse) and they were fine. By the next winter, they were ok together,

Boars are finicky. Some get on , some don't.
Mine went to boarding and clucked like chickens at the sows next door.

How are your sows behaving? My 2 are being right little gits (we have 2 sows+ neutered boar) I think it's a full moon, and they're in competition for GP6.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 05-Aug-15 10:11:35

Just read they're a year old, still in early adulthood. My GP1/GP2 were about 12-14 months their first winter when they were bolshy. I did give them coriander though which I think did them no good.

Herbs= guinea-pig cocaine

FernieB Wed 05-Aug-15 12:57:07

Echo everything 70 said. Definitely try to reintroduce them. It can be done. My original boys had to be separated at about a year old due to one having a self-inflicted injury and needing space alone to heal. I managed to get them back together over a period of a couple of weeks. I had them in a large indoor run which I divided using part of an indoor cage, so they could see and smell each other. After 2 weeks I was thinking of removing the barrier to try them together when one of them broke through. Luckily I was watching as they then started fighting. I had to separate (throw a towel over them - biting pigs can damage your hands quite nastily and a towel confuses them), but after that they kept breaking through the barrier. They were, however, okay with each other after their initial fight and lived together happily for another 3 years until one sadly died earlier this year. His friend has been successfully matched with a baby boy.

piddlemakesmegiggle Wed 05-Aug-15 15:34:20

Thats great, thanks for the advice I will pass it on. I felt so guilty, she'd looked after mine (well, 13 yo DDs) and they have come home really happy to be handled, much more sociable than when they left here yet hers are left causing trouble! They were within sniffing distance of each other and she would loose the boys out to have a run and a play, then put them back while the girls had their turn. My girls were definitely playing up to the boys, chattering at them and are very talkative still now theyre back home.

Thanks again, will let you know how she gets on

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