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Shredded paper for bedding?

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chancer2014 Mon 27-Jul-15 07:31:33

About to shred hundreds of old bills and statements. Can I use it as hamster bedding or is the print harmful?

ginmakesitallok Mon 27-Jul-15 07:35:25

No you can't use it, think it's because of the sharp edges rather than the print?

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 27-Jul-15 21:59:37

Don't know about hamsters but I shred paper for my guinea pigs (though I'm aware they have completely different feet to hammys)

I have a confetti cross cut shredder which gives small clippings.
I only shred paper I'd be happy for them to eat.

I will never again waste an hour of my life trying to shred paper towels as recommended on a guinea site.

My lovely shredded paper is much softer than hay smile

chancer2014 Mon 27-Jul-15 22:46:20

Ahh ok. Best not then. Thanks

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