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Gerbil behaviour advice.

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Theas18 Mon 22-Jun-15 22:08:53

Have 2 sisters about 18 month old.

They have occaisional scrapped. Getting a bigger cage 6 mo ago aporoCask seemed to stop this. Just had panicy charge around when the cage was changed but ok otherwise.

Today there has been flying around the cage chasing - up the walks etc, and a long period of time with the smaller gerbil sat in a jam jar - sometimes nose to nose with the other one, sometimes not. Small has been drumming loudly too a times.

There is no blood or obvious bites.

Small is still in her jar. Big pottering about and eating etc.

I gave big 10 mins on the naughty step to think about it ( the wee carrier we use when cleaning out) but that made it no better or worse.

Both have had seeds and been handled tonight ( small doesn't let you puck her up - she'll bite, but she'll sit and be stroked.

Have sprinkled food and there are two bowls anyway so there can't be any food guarding.

What to do ? What to take as the " that's IT thry can't be in the same cage" ?

Worried sad

OrlyIC Thu 06-Aug-15 11:09:38

How big is their cage? Is there plenty of room for them to dig and burrow. Do they sleep together at night?
When they're chasing etc are they actually fighting? Squeaking and biting?
Putting a gerbil in time out won't do anything but I'm sure you already know this ;)

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