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Please help me find out what is going on with my gerbils [sad]

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My dd gave me three gerbils for Mother's Day. It was the most fantastic present. About 2 weeks ago, one started to have shaky, cold interludes .. We looked after him, gave him water with an eye dropper, fed him by hand, he rallied a couple of times and died about a week later.
Now the second one, fine and lively at mid day, had 'droopy eyes' according to dd at tea time, is now comatose ... Obviously dying ... sad
We have lots of animals: cats, dogs, guineas, rabbits, fish, chickens, chicks; I think I am quite an experienced pet owner ... I have tried my best to look after them; lots of hay/paper to tunnel in, the food mixture they came with, water bottle frequently refilled ... What is going on?? I really love them ...

Walkingonsunshine00 Sat 09-May-15 21:36:02

Was there maybe an infection/ disease going round at the place they got the piggies?

Possibly ... last one died during the night and I kept waking up because of the silence; no frantic scrabbling/nibbling/tunnelling noises. sad
I really miss them but don't know how to avoid the same thing happening again.
They came from P at H ... maybe I should adopt a single one from there which can't be put with friends. After finding how to disinfect the cage ...

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