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Random Piglet Questions!

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FernieB Wed 06-May-15 17:30:38

Not having had baby piggies before, I have a couple of queries:-

1. Gingerpig is now nearly 3 months old and starting to smell a bit like a proper guinea pig confused. He still looks too little to dunk in the bath. When can I bath him?

2. Ginger has always had 2 long strands of hair on his rear. He is now developing tufty bits behind his ears and round his paws (looks like a shire horse). Does this mean he'll be long haired? When does his hair stop messing around and decide what it's going to be?

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 06-May-15 22:29:15

shock @ Gingerpig being called "Random Piglet" grin

IIRC , you can get MiniPig shampoos for piggies under 12 wheeks (so Gingerpig would be Big Boy Pig now), Our piglet GP3 was washed before we got him at 6weeks, so it's doeable .

WRT long hair . I bought a Peruvian (Marmite) and I can't remember when her hair started to grow, (I had no idea she was a long haired when I got her).She had an Arthur Scargill combover going on round her neck at first.
Did you get a chance to see his Mum and Dad when you collected him? Or would the Rescue have photos so you can see their coat type?

They're lovely when they suddenly groooww, they develop (mahoosive) bollocks and turn into proper Lardy Boars wink

FernieB Thu 07-May-15 07:28:58

Thanks 70. He shall be washed with Big Boy Shampoo at the weekend.

I didn't see his Mum and Dad, just his brother. His brother is definitely short haired. They did say, they suspected he could have long haired tendencies. At the moment he looks like he's just thinking about growing his hair long. He looks a bit like my previous lion head bunny except for his two really long strands on his rear - they're about 3 inches longshock. If he turns out to be really long haired, how much extra maintenance will he be? I'm thinking of him trailing all that fluff through wee puddles and him storing bits of tomato in his hair for laterconfused.

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