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Naughty Girl is 4 today, May 4th

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fortifiedwithtea Mon 04-May-15 05:34:34

Yes we deliberately chose Star Wars Day to be Naughty Girl's official Birthday.

These days she's not naughty anymore. Gone are the days when we had to (regularly) fish her out from down the back of the sofa. And memorably she got her MN name when she chewed through the tumble dryer cable.

Naughty is now content to sit on us for quite awhile and has her own special noise that means let me go, I want to pee. In fact Naughty is known for being vocal. Whatever mood she is in, she has to express it, thankfully we mostly hear her happy pop pop sound mixed in with the odd shriek if Millie steals her food.

I had a look through the photo and was shocked that we have got a photo more recent than September 2013 shock, plenty of videos though. I will definitely try to get a picture of her today and upload it if the kids cooperate.

I think it will be raining in Essex, guinea fun time in the garden unlikely. Birthday goodies are probably going to be hand cut grass, cucumber and a tomato served whole smile

rootypig Mon 04-May-15 05:43:09

I have just looked at your pictures. They made me giggle! happy birthday, Naughty Girl. Enjoy your tomato smile

timeforabrewnow Mon 04-May-15 05:43:55

Happy Birthday Naughty Girl - and yes to a picture please

FernieB Mon 04-May-15 06:12:02

Very Happy Birthday Naughty Girl thanks. Even though you are no longer being so naughty, I'm sure you still have lots of naughty thoughtswink. Hope you enjoy your birthday tea.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 04-May-15 08:53:10

Aww Happy Birthday Naughty Girl shamrock - looks a bit like clover wink

She's sagely seen her way through alot of changes- OB, Fatimus and Naughty, , then Fatimus and Naughty, then Naughty, Millie and Coco.

They adapt well with what life throws their way and I reckon they must have at least nine, to survive tumble dryer cables and still tell the tale !

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