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My new piggies are so shy of me

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ToadsJustFellFromTheSky Tue 28-Apr-15 22:23:16

Just got them today and they were put in their hutch at about 1 this afternoon. I have held them for a bit but not much, just want them to get settled into their hutch first.

They've been hiding in their bedroom compartment all day. They have lots of hay in there and they've just been hiding underneath the hay mostly. When I first went to check on them I actually couldn't see them at all at first and actually panicked thinking someone had stole them, but nope they were just hiding under lots of hay grin.

I know they've been out a bit to grab some food but that's it. I've been reassured this is normal but they just seem so nervous around me. How long does it usually take to win their trust? This is the first time I've had piggies in years so I can't remember.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 29-Apr-15 10:21:37

First - congratulations on your new piggies grin

Guinea-pigs are lovely, I've kept piggies from when I was 9yo - 22yo then reliving the GP love with the pigs my DD and I share.

They are prey animals - they have no defences . OK they can run (a bit) but compared to all the villans out there (foxes,cars,eagles according to some piggies grin and snakes, according to mine) , not very fast .
They can't jump or kick like a rabbit.
Climb like a rat.
They have short cobby little necks so can't turn quickly to bite like a ferret.

They've come to live with you in a strange place. Strange noises. Different smells.
All they know is each other. That will be their only stability right now.

But - they are unfeasibly greedy little animals so their bellies with be your ace card.

Last year, we got two adult rescues sows who were very timid, our little pig literally had to be held in a body/headlock or she'd be away, whirling her claws as she went (ouch)

Her and her female cagemate are still apt to give us the runaround, piggies like to try to evade capture , but when you do catch them, they settle.

We try to edge the piggies into a box (or their rubber trug upside down) then they're cornered without pouncing on them and risking injury.
Wrap them in a towel when you cuddle them , it'll give them security and they are bound to pee grin

My sows used to lard about in their haybox (I knew they rarely wandered about because the rest of the floor was unsullied). Maybe they did walk round till they heard me open the door?

Now we have GP6 in his cage inside the Pighouse, GP5 is constantly prowling round. She's always poking her tiny nose up at the side of his cage (she can't see in ). So of her own choice, she's become more adventurous.

We did give our pigs settling down time (well as long as I could keep DD away from them grin ) but the next day, she was cuddling them.

So - important things

Coat types

And they need a MN nickname.

(And photos when you can)

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 29-Apr-15 12:32:28

should be foxes, cats (not cars ) <<tsk>>

ToadsJustFellFromTheSky Thu 07-May-15 15:37:14

I actually forgot I had started this thread until I spotted it whilst going through threads I'm on blush.

Well I've had them for over a week now and they've definitely come out of their shells a bit now. They still hide but not as much as they were last week. They will still run away when I try to catch them though but generally calm down once I've got them and are happy to be cuddled.

They don't seem to be eating much hay though. They mostly use it to hide/play in. They much prefer their nuggets over any vegetables and hay although they will eat vegetables, just slowly. The nuggets get eaten quickly.

The breeder said they were 8 weeks old and they are girls. One of them is a bit bigger than the other one though so she shall be known as BigPig and her sister shall be known as LittlePig grin.

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