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We have piggies!

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OohMrDarcy Wed 08-Apr-15 10:24:46

Bubble and Squeak are here grin

Bubble is the cream long haired one, and Squeak the Fluffy rex - Squeak is actually the braver of the two so far... but when trying to get these pics, she decided to run out grab the veg, and reverse back so I couldn't see her face!

Bubble was extremely brave and sat out to eat her green bean - clever girlie

We've had them out for a little cuddle, and they were fine and been even braver since, less freaking out everytime someone moves!

sanfairyanne Wed 08-Apr-15 14:33:50

yay grin

clippityclop Thu 09-Apr-15 09:13:50

Gorgeous! What do you have on the floor of their cage?

OohMrDarcy Thu 09-Apr-15 10:58:52

went for megazorb for the floor clippity

today I've had them out again - they didn't run away this time, and even had purring from squeak whilst I was stroking her! grin

They were both very quick to get their breakfast this morning and heard a little wheeking whilst they were eating the peppers, so I think I can safely say they are settling in nicely!

Davros Fri 10-Apr-15 00:28:28

They are lovely! Is that a homemade tube or bought? I think our dwarf hamsters could do with a tube

clippityclop Fri 10-Apr-15 04:41:57

Thank you! New to piggies and finding it hard to keep our girls dry underfoot, changing newspaper and straw twice a day some days as they are peeing a huge amount now there's more fresh grass in offer. I love Bubble' s hairdo!

OohMrDarcy Fri 10-Apr-15 09:17:46

Davros - a toilet roll tube is perfect for dwarf hammies (used to keep them) they love running through and having a chew!

Clippity - Straw is too harsh for piggies so I'm lead to believe... Hay is what they need. Also - I've been told they shouldn't have more than an hour a day in the run at the moment as spring grass is very rich and can cause bloat which can be fatal - so keep an eye on how much they are getting for now!

Today we have had licks and purrs from the braver of the two piggies (squeak) and bubble isn't running away when picked up now either!

Davros Fri 10-Apr-15 10:41:40

I'm off to fish the used bog rolls out of the recycling!

BoatsAgainstTheCurrent Fri 10-Apr-15 10:44:03

So FLUFFY! They're lovely.

I miss my GPs. sad

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 10-Apr-15 20:23:07

Bubble & Squeak are gorgeous girls -
Bubble looks like an exotic unicorn grin

I'm looking at Squeak (we had a Rex and his fur was coarse, but she looks soft and fluffy, might be a Teddy? Are her whiskers curly or straight? Rex are curly whisker piggies with huge thick claws) In the USA they have different names for the coats so depending on what sites you go on to check out your piggies characteristics)

We used soft barley straw in winter to bulk out the back of the haybox, it was far softer than the hay TBH, and didn't compress.
But I've switched away from their winter bedding now yay.
I wouldn't use for piglets or nervous piggies but the crap amount of twigs and thistles in hay has horrified me over the past couple of years.

OohMrDarcy Sat 11-Apr-15 19:59:39

Hi 70 smile

Squeak has all bent and partly curly whiskers - NOTHING like bubbles! The fur feels fluffy in some places and coarser in others! I think she's a bit of a mongrel grin

OohMrDarcy Sun 12-Apr-15 10:28:21

having done lots of googling I can confirm Squeak ispart Rex...., no idea what she is mixed with though.... something with konger sifter hair!

OohMrDarcy Sun 12-Apr-15 10:29:14

oh for christ' sake. ... I really should preview when in the app!

you know what I meant! grin

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 12-Apr-15 14:35:36

Guinea-pigs used to be simple.
You had Smooths
You had Abbys
You had Peruvians

Then they introduced all these exotic new breeds (glares at the USA )

When we got our piglet, (he was from a Rescue who got him from a breeder) we were told he was Swiss.
But as he grew (and grew) I looked at various sites and he was definately Rex.
Your piggie might have Swiss/Rex? Swiss have a halo effect of longer guard hairs , Teddy are short soft, Rex are short coarse .

Rodents with Attitude Breeds is good to pig-ogle.

Our GP5 is a Himalayan Crested Smooth (which I did read on one breeders site was quite rare. GP5 needn't get all precious though, she has a pink toe so she would get expelled from Shows wink )

clippityclop Mon 13-Apr-15 08:37:39

Ohmrdarcy sorry used the wrong lingo, they are on hay. Too soggy here for nibbling outdoors on the lawn, but we have been cutting bits of grass, just a handful each day. It certainly makes them per more!

OohMrDarcy Thu 30-Apr-15 10:56:42

The piggies first taste of fresh grass this year.... they have moved on to walking lawnmower mode now so are clearly enjoying themselves!

OohMrDarcy Thu 30-Apr-15 12:03:28

Brought them in now... they had just over an hour of non stop eating so thought it best to be careful... will let them out again at the weekend if it stays dry!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 30-Apr-15 21:48:04

They are lovely in their run, proper lawn mower mode going on there grin

We've had very off/on rain/sun in Darkest Essex, so I've been dutifully hand cutting grass but our piggies haven't been out this week.

I need to get an opaque sheet for GP5 and her ruby eyes.She was fine last year with a black bedsheet pegged over the run to protect her.

GP6 (our new boar) has yet to graze, I'm hoping he'll popcorn !

OohMrDarcy Fri 01-May-15 09:16:53

oooh popcorning! I didn't see any whilst they were out there, but I think bubble (need to think of MN names for them - ideas??) did a bit after when she was back in doors ( I was working so just saw out of the corner of my eye!)

Debating letting them out again today... its cloudy but meant to be dry... a little cooler though so wouldn't want them getting chilly - will see how the day goes I think

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 01-May-15 16:36:40

Our guineas had a couple of hours grazing this afternoon.
The girls in the big run, like little locusts Nom nom nom

GP6 (boar) in the small run with a When was this decided look on his fluffy little face

OohMrDarcy Fri 01-May-15 19:21:31

hahah so cute!

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