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Tiptoe quietly this way .......

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FernieB Mon 23-Mar-15 14:48:17

And meet Gingerpig! Actually don't know why we're being quiet, he's a noisy little thing. Scruffy is taking his Uncle responsibilities very seriously and has been instructing his nephew in the art of 'leave me alone when I'm sleeping'.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 23-Mar-15 18:07:55

Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee He is gorgeous

Hello Gingerpig and Welcome to the Super Furry Animal Family.

Eating- good sign grin

Once he settles down, you'll need a Family Photo of Ginger'n'UncleScruffy.

I bet Current Bun has been FizzinRizzinRizzun under his chins. grin

fortifiedwithtea Mon 23-Mar-15 18:27:26

Squeeeeee He is gorgeous smile Congratulations!

fortifiedwithtea Mon 23-Mar-15 18:31:03

Ooops X-post, I got a bit too involved with last episode of 'Eve' youngest DD is 12.

dietcokeandwine Mon 23-Mar-15 21:21:59

Omg fernie he is the absolute image of our ginger boar (who is also insanely cute).

There is something just gorgeous about a ginger pig!

Hope he settles in nicely smile

RattieofCatan Mon 23-Mar-15 22:48:40

Oh hes gorgeous! I may be convivnced to get GPS yet! Live his colouring!

GothicRainbow Mon 23-Mar-15 22:51:48

Ahh what a gorgeous fella, this makes me miss my girls! I had Millicent and Florence when I was at uni and first living in London. Really really want to get guineas again. Miss their squeaker weakering!!

FernieB Tue 24-Mar-15 07:53:26

He's survived the night with Uncle Scruffy although was not allowed in the 'big box'confused. Every time he ran in for some older pig wisdom, I heard a grumble and he came shooting out again.

He's just so tiny. He's my first baby pig and he's so cute.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Tue 24-Mar-15 17:50:27

Sounds like Uncle Scruffy is just setting a few boundaries and laying down some ground rules whilst Gingerpig is teeny.

"Very wise" our GP1 would've nodded, sagely.

They smell lovely when they're little all baby fluff fur smile

D'you much aboiut his history?

millimat Tue 24-Mar-15 19:18:32


70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 25-Mar-15 09:29:32

Gingerpig looks like he might be a long-haired piggie, he has a 'swirl' of hair just behind his ears.

Baby pigs do a wheek wheek as they jog along and their droppings are so tiny (weirdly cute blush )

Our GP1 had a wicker hedgehog house that was his , GP3 wasn't allowed in. If he sneaked in, GP1 would give him a hmm look and he pootled out.

We called the wicker house the "adults only area" and the hay box was "kids club"

FernieB Wed 25-Mar-15 12:51:44

They spent most of yesterday afternoon in the big box together! Don't know whether Gingerpig sneaked in when Scruffy wasn't looking or if he was 'allowed' in. They seem to be getting on well and Scruffy shouts for Ginger if we remove him for cuddles, just like he used to shout for Smooth. Ginger is constantly running to check things with his Uncle. I put celery leaves in this morning and he ran straight to fetch Scruffy to check them first. I will try for a family photo later.

Gingerpig came with his mum and siblings and some older boars from an unscrupulous breeder. So he was lucky in that he was rescued at a very young age and hadnt had time to be mistreated.

millimat Wed 25-Mar-15 15:10:38

Ah that's very cute if he goes to get approval for food first grin

weshallneversurrender Wed 25-Mar-15 22:10:32

im glad you found one in the end! :D alls well that ends well

fortifiedwithtea Thu 26-Mar-15 03:58:59

Aww Fernie that is adorable smile I hope Gingerpig was told by his mummy that food doesn't have to be green if he is taking advice from Uncle Scruffy confused grin

I agree with 70; I think Gingerpig has some long coat genes in him somewhere. It will be interesting to see how his coat develops as he gets older.

FernieB Thu 26-Mar-15 12:43:12

I hope he's not long haired but he does look a bit fluffy. He's just so fast - I'm used to catching lardy boars that barely move. Gingerpig is proving difficult to capture. I may need a lasso.

dietcokeandwine Thu 26-Mar-15 21:12:11

Aww Fernie, they're gorgeous! Scruffy is a very handsome pig and little ginger pig looks soooo tiny beside him!

Glad they're getting on well!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 27-Mar-15 10:19:37

Aww he is a teeny boy grin (Abbys tend to be smaller than smooths so he might overtake UncleScruffy in size when he becomes an adult)

He's landed on his paws .

YY to Lardy Boars - we had this with GP3 when he was a piglet and our sows were uncatchable when we first got them (though they've morphed from 'just weaned a litter slinky pigs' into 'more food please SheDevil Lardy Sows' (still uncatchable when they see fit though wink )

clippityclop Sat 28-Mar-15 00:07:55

Awww, so pleased for you, they're both gorgeous!

FernieB Sat 04-Apr-15 08:58:23

Okay, so new Gingerpig has just worked out the connection between the fridge door or a rustling packet and FOOD! His wheek is so much louder than Scruffysconfused

70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 30-Apr-15 22:09:51

We need new Gingerpig photos now, he must be settling into a comfy lifestyle to which he's quickly become accustomed grin

It's amazing just how much they change in temperement, size, get their routine and develop their Pigenality

FernieB Thu 30-Apr-15 22:38:34

I will try to get him to pose tomorrow. He's just been told off by Scruffy for daring to presume that he could have first crack at the supper veg! He had to be put in his place.

The Fernie boys had a whale of a time today in a huge box. Current Bun went first and had a lively play, then the pigs moved in and peed all over itconfused

FernieB Fri 01-May-15 18:11:49

He's not very good at posing so we have action shots. Ginger has grown a lot now. He does seem to be smooth haired but has two very long tufts of hair on his rear - I don't know what that's about.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 01-May-15 18:17:21

Ooh he has grown so much smile . Compare the photo to the little boy on 26th March .
His colour is stunning.
Uncle scruffy is doing a sterling job as his Guide and Mentor.

"Am I only allowed to eat green things Uncle Scruffy ?"

"Erm, yes"

FernieB Fri 01-May-15 18:59:07

He is allowed to eat tomatoes as well as green things, provided Uncle Scruffy has first choice of all offered veg. He is not allowed to choose where he sleeps and must give way to his elders at all times.

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