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Moulting housebun driving me nuts!

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FernieB Tue 10-Feb-15 18:57:47

Current Bun is just starting a moult. Normally when he moults, apart from depositing fluff everywhere and challenging my vacuum cleaner to deal with it, he has a huge appetite and is a bit more chewy (gets through more boxes). This time he has become very naughty. He is trying to chew furniture and dig in the carpet which he has never done before (he's nearly 4). When told to stop, he stops immediately and goes to chew his toys instead. He is acting like a toddler just testing the boundaries.

Is this a midlife crisis for my boy? I feel for him as I can't leave him in the living room unsupervised at the moment and it's his favourite room.

Just another few weeks to goconfused

70isaLimitNotaTarget Tue 10-Feb-15 22:13:50

Do rabbits get irritated when they lose fur? Does it make them all hot'n'horrid?

Would a plastic nit comb strip out some of the loose hairs?

Could well be a middle-aged hormonally thing too.

I'd wax the bugger comb him regularly, on a newspaper.
Embrace the guineas and their pleasant, non diggy, non-moulty, non-chewing ways.

Give him nice treats in the living room and he might not chew, Good that he seems shamed by his tardy behaviour for all of 20 seconds wink

FernieB Wed 11-Feb-15 09:40:49

The pigs are all smug that they are the well behaved ones for once wink

I'm brushing him a lot and he looks really scruffy - he's normally a handsome boy. Had to shut him out of the living room yesterday as I got fed up of shooing him out from under the sofa. He insists on crawling underneath and trying to chew it. He doesn't actually fit properly and has to slither along on his belly but he doesn't see this as an issue.

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