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Degus... Tell me all I need to know!

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Sleepingbunnies Sun 08-Feb-15 21:11:44

Have only ever had piggies... We currently have 2 sows that the whole family love and help look after.

Researching Degus and just want to hear any thing you think I need to know.. Do they make good pets?

I want to carefully consider everything and not rush into things so tell me all good and bad! smile

NorahBone Mon 09-Feb-15 12:07:08

They are prolific chewers, so all-metal cage and wooden things to chew on and close supervision or a suitable run when they're not in the cage. They're not cuddly,but they are inquisitive and confident, so are happy to climb all over you, just not be picked up.
An exercise wheel is essential and metal is best, although we still get through about 1 a year because of rust. this is the best one we've had so far.
I got a 3 storey cage from eBay, which was good for the money, but any open bars on the floor have to be covered (with card or tiles or something) to protect their feet from the condition bumblefoot. We also replaced the ramps with wood and lava ledges which they prefer.

chockbic Mon 09-Feb-15 14:38:34

I've read they can't eat sweet foods due to it giving them diabetes.

Are they day or night creatures?

They've got some at the local PAH. I was tempted.

NorahBone Mon 09-Feb-15 16:39:04

They have a very restricted diet. You can buy special degu food and they can eat small amounts of some fresh veg (which ours totally turn their noses up at). Their diet should be mostly hay, preferably Timothy hay, which is higher in fibre and low in protein. They love mini shredded wheat too smile There are good references on the internet listing foods they can and can't have, and those they can only have in small quantities.
They're crepuscular, so most active at dawn and dusk. They don't sleep all day and won't keep you awake all night on the wheel.

chockbic Tue 10-Feb-15 15:19:36

Shredded wheat, how cute smile

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