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Rabbit and babies

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hattytheherald Mon 02-Feb-15 19:30:37

We rescued a rabbit from a neighbour who let her and her mate roam on the road for a few weeks. Sadly her mate died but kindly left a present and we now have four baby bunnies! They are now about 5 weeks old and with a bit of trial and error and dr google we have got this far.

Will mum be happy with her babies as company or is it better to get a neutered male for company for her? At what age can we start neutering the babies if we do keep them? And is there any help out there financially for this. We can afford one or two bunnies worth but 5 plus injections is a bit much at the moment.

I keep reading that we need a rabbit expert vet. As I had cats I have a friendly vet that I trust so would prefer to stay with her if possible.

Sorry lots of questions but am new to having a bunny and want to get this right for them as they've become part of the family.

FernieB Tue 03-Feb-15 10:57:29

Welcome to the world of bunnies!

Well done on the rescue mission. Mum will be perfectly happy with a couple of her babies for company, but get them all neutered (not just to avoid more babies, but for the sake of their health and behaviour/temperament). Check your vet is rabbit savvy - a lot aren't. Best way is to look them up on their website and check out what pets they have. Speak to your vet asap about getting them neutered and vaccinated. Vaccinations are needed annually.

Do you have a friendly animal rescue place locally? They may be able to help with rehoming some of your babies as people do like to adopt from rescues but quite often want baby animals. So they may know of a few people who would like them. Make sure you only let them go to new homes in pairs.

FernieB Tue 03-Feb-15 10:59:28

You could try the PDSA if you want to keep them all. If you explain the situation they may be able to help out with costs of neutering/ vaccinations.

hattytheherald Tue 03-Feb-15 19:30:01

Thanks for the replies. I hadn't thought of the PDSA so will give them a call and see.

Definitely intend to get them all neutered and vaccinated. Starting with Mum once she has finished feeding them. I've been lucky enough to catch her the last couple of nights feeding them.

Will check out their website as well. Thanks for the ideas.

Thing is they're all so sweet I think we might be persuaded to keep them all!!

Thanks again for the replies.

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