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Elderly hamster and tubes to his bedroom

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Katisha Sat 17-Jan-15 14:05:14

Hamster is 2.4 yrs and getting rather tired and slow. He lives in a hamster heaven cage and has his nest "upstairs" reached by a tube which he seems to struggle a bit more with now. He has to go downstairs to get to food and water but is coping so far.

Would you move the whole bedroom box bit to the floor of the cage or would that confuse him? He doesn't use his wheel any more - we could take that out to make space.. Or is it better that he still has to make the effort, and also that he can stay in his usual habits?

Sinkingfeeling Wed 21-Jan-15 13:00:01

We have a hamster of a similar age and bought a second water bottle for the 'upstairs' area, and also place some of his food there. We've noticed that he uses both areas - just now he has a choice of using his tube or not!

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