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Help, think bunny is dying :-(

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Keepswimming123 Sat 27-Dec-14 21:49:05

My little bun is cuddled up on the sofa, she's been outside with lots of hay and a snuggle pad, and a weather proof hut thing. But brought her in this eve, and she is just lying in a heap :-( I've even tried sprouts.... Help?

FernieB Sat 27-Dec-14 22:06:34

Is she eating? Pooping? Drinking?

Just keep her warm and snug and then maybe a vet in the morning.

Hope she's okay. thanksthanks

Keepswimming123 Sat 27-Dec-14 22:29:08

She is flat out on the sofa. Have offered her food and water... She has refused both. She seems to be very calm and is responding very lightly to stroking... Oh goodness is this the end? She is 6 and a half... fsad

BuzzardBirdRoast Sat 27-Dec-14 22:32:46

Oh dear, do you think she might be a little warm coming from outside to inside temperature?

I know 6 1/2 is a good age for bunnies and she sounds peaceful. Don't be sad.

Keepswimming123 Sat 27-Dec-14 22:37:19

She has had a snuggle pad on the go since November... She doesn't always get the attention she deserves, I am not going to lie, but she is always fed and cuddled. She is flat out on the sofa as I said. I am cuddling her, Everytime I take my hand off her she looks up. Scuse the typos.

Keepswimming123 Sat 27-Dec-14 22:38:21

She won't even eat her carrot/sprouts :-(

BuzzardBirdRoast Sat 27-Dec-14 22:40:30

Oh, poor you and bunny, can you stay by her tonight?

Keepswimming123 Sat 27-Dec-14 22:44:53

I am with her now... She is on the sofa, ears back and eyes hardly open :-( feel bad cos got newspaper down incase she wees, should get a towel... She is breathing, and every time I take my hand off her she looks up. But her breathing is slowing... Don't know if that's cos she's going to sleep or if that it's over :-( she's such a beautiful little thing as well.

lemisscared Sat 27-Dec-14 22:46:53

doesn't dound great tbh. if a bunny stops eating it messes up their gut bacteria and thrir digestive system grinds to a halt so do try to get some food into her even if you grind some food into a paste and finger feed her. saying that if she is dying might be better just to keep her warm and comfy.

BuzzardBirdRoast Sat 27-Dec-14 22:47:27

Oh Keepsswimming, that is so sad. Be glad that you noticed and brought her in to be with her. That is all you can do until morning at least. Dab a bit of moisture around her mouth if she won't drink.

lemisscared Sat 27-Dec-14 22:47:55

oh bless. just cuddle her. flowers

rastamam Sat 27-Dec-14 22:49:34

Id call the vet, she doesnt sound good flowers

BuzzardBirdRoast Sat 27-Dec-14 22:49:40

Thinking of you and bunny thanks

Keepswimming123 Sat 27-Dec-14 22:51:41

Hopefully she will get on through the night, she's a hardy little thing. But she doesn't look well at all right now. She is being cuddled. I have got water and her favourite treats... Poor little bun bun

Keepswimming123 Sat 27-Dec-14 22:53:27

Vet first thing in the morning by the way.... And one of my friend's who is a trainee is going to stop by in an hour.

BuzzardBirdRoast Sat 27-Dec-14 22:56:38

Have you had her since she was a baby?

CakeUpWall Sat 27-Dec-14 23:01:06

A couple of years ago one of our bunnies seemed to be grinding to a halt; at times I wasn't sure if she'd died or not. I remember feeling so helpless. I read somewhere that raspberry leaves can help them (sorry - can't recall the specifics) so I started by feeding bunny drips of water from my finger then, when she perked up slightly from the water I offered her a raspberry leaf. She ate that one then a few more, then appeared to be a bit better. With each one I could hear a little gurgling in her tummy.

I went to bed, and the next morning she was right as rain! I'm convinced that the water & leaves kickstarted her digestion and revived her.

She's still fine albeit a bit of a bastard.

Good luck. These animals do put us through a lot of heartache!

BuzzardBirdRoast Sat 27-Dec-14 23:04:12

Where does one aquire raspberry leaves in December?

Keepswimming123 Sat 27-Dec-14 23:04:58

I've had her since she was 13 months old. She is a much loved replacement for our 13 (when he died) year old house bunny. But she is the most beautiful little lop thing and she is so gorgeous, hate hate hate that i might be losing her. But she's a good age, right? Now where the hell do I get hold of raspberry leaf at this time of night???

Keepswimming123 Sat 27-Dec-14 23:06:08

Buzzard you read my mind

BuzzardBirdRoast Sat 27-Dec-14 23:08:17

Just thought, do you have any coriander? That is good for digestion. Grabbing straws I know but raspberry in December is not happening is it?

CakeUpWall Sat 27-Dec-14 23:08:22

DD found a few stray raspberry leaves this week remaining on our canes. One of her rabbits had quite loose stools and we gave him what we could find to try and sort him out. (He's fine now, but may have been anyway!)

BuzzardBirdRoast Sat 27-Dec-14 23:11:19

That's settled that cake I am planting raspberries this spring.

Hope buns makes it swimming.

Keepswimming123 Sat 27-Dec-14 23:15:26

Thanks all, I actually do have coriander! Will try that and see if it works... But she won't take anything off my hand or off any surface... She won't even nibble pizza crust (her fave). Fingers crossed coriander might work. Thank you, it's going to be a long night. And I have a horse to go and sort in the morning. Animals, who would have them???

CakeUpWall Sat 27-Dec-14 23:22:20

Just found this link detailing medicinal herbs for rabbits. Just in case there's anything listed which you can lay hands on!

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