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Are my GPs unhappy?

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4yoniD Sun 21-Dec-14 14:25:06

Background: I've had my 2 piggies (sisters) for 6 months odd. They have taken a long time to settle down, but are slowly getting there. They currently live in the lounge so we see them quite a bit. They have a 1 metre cage (biggest I could fit in) and have separate bedrooms (carrot cottages) - this takes up quite a lot of cage space, but they won't share a large house.

Lately they are constantly out making grumbling/rumbling noises and throwing their noses up at each other. Then there is a far bit of running/jumping/chasing. I'm guessing they aren't getting on. Is this just what GPs do, or are they fed up?

I have bought an outside run so they can go out and stretch their legs, but I haven't built it yet - and it is really muddy and cold out anyway, since they are used to living inside.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 21-Dec-14 14:58:14

Hi 4

Are your guineas round about the 8 month age or older?
Sows can get arsey just like boars do (though boars tend to be earlier about 4-6 months)

You are right that it's too cold and wet to let them play outside but can you set the run up in another room , put some tarpaulin and newspaper in and give them tunnels, paper bags and boxes to play in (make sure bags have no handles - we use Primark and Body Shop bags ) cut two doors in the boxes.

Add a pile of hay and let them play.
Sometimes they need a change of scenery to bamboozle them a bit.

My Rescue sows aren't related , they have the odd snarl at each other and GP5 tries to climb over her quieter cagemate.
Ours are a bit hmm when they're in season too, but we have a neutered boar so they're competing for him.

If all else fails - bath them grin
They'll smell the same and be united in judginess against you. Just make sure they're nice and dry before they go to bed,

IME guineas that are fed up just decline. They don't indulge in chasing and running.

The rumbling and heads up is a dominence move. Maybe they've always accepted that one pig is in charge but now the other has decided to challenge her?
It sounds normal, they can be tempremental little things, give them something to do, something else to play with.
Make sure they don't get too warm indoors too,

4yoniD Sun 21-Dec-14 21:05:02

Thanks for the answers. I don't think they are too warm, but what is too warm? They are in the warmest room of the house, but electric is expensive and I am cheap!

Age wise, I got them in August, and I think they were a few months old? So I guess 7 months now. One was always very dominant (and larger), but the little one is now the same size as the big one, maybe she is fed up of being a door mat!

Glad they aren't fed up, hopefully they will sort it out! Will get the run built over xmas hols and give them a bit more space.

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