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Elderly Syrian hamster teeth clipping/sedation

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Hamuketsu Mon 15-Dec-14 12:46:17

Our chap is now 2 years old, still in reasonable condition. He's always kept his teeth down well and we've always given him plenty of things to nibble.

Over the past few weeks we noticed his nibbly things were untouched - even when we gave him new things which he always loved before. Then his teeth began to look crooked and overgrown. He's too wriggly for us to clip his teeth ourselves - also he's our first hamster so we have no experience. So we took him to the vet and had them clipped.

However even now (a week later) he still isn't nibbling, even things like carrots that he used to love. If I hand him a piece of muesli he rejects it if large, and if small he sort of tucks it behind his teeth and gums at it. If he tries to chew anything large like a nibble stick he again sort of laps and gums it - clearly wants to chew but can't seem to get any purchase.

I'm giving him soft foods, so he won't starve - he has turned into quite the porridge monster. But I'm concerned that if this continues he'll need his teeth clipped very frequently. As I said we can't do it ourselves - even the vet had to sedate him and warned us that at his age that really isn't good for him. (Also it costs £50+ a time because of the sedation - we hadn't thought of insuring a hamster! However this is a lesser issue and if he needs it we'll just pay it - that's what you take on with an animal.)

Has anyone had a Syrian that needed its teeth clipped regularly? I'd appreciate knowing approximately how often it was needed. Also, would appreciate advice from anyone whose hamster has needed repeated sedation as there's really no other way of doing it.

sanfairyanne Thu 18-Dec-14 20:16:05

i have the same problem with a gpig but it is caused by pain possibly from arthritis. when i give her metacam she can eat (after teeth were filed). worth a try (whatever hamsters can have)? is there a mushy feed like critical care that you can syringe feed with?

Hamuketsu Fri 19-Dec-14 09:30:10

Thanks v much for the reply, sanfairyanne smile I found a guide about soft foods for elderly hamsters so am using that to keep him healthy. I'll have a word with the vet in case he's in pain. He's certainly squeaking more than he used to so that could possibly be a reason. I don't know what pain relief is suitable for hamsters but presumably the vet will know! If we could sort out whatever's preventing him from nibbling it would be great as he's otherwise a healthy hamster.

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