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want to get rid of cats but husband won't let me

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lovelife15 Sun 07-Dec-14 01:40:05

reluctantly agreed for my partner to have a cat after a lifetime of pestering and emotional blackmail. He knew i don't like cats and hate the fur so unfortunately i gave in and we now have 2cats.
We agreed my husband would feed the cats, groom them and clean the litters including helping clean the house as i can't stand the fur. 2 years on and the husband stopped doing what we agreed and i was left to feeding the cats, cleaning the litters and the house as he lay on the sofa enjoying watching tele and using his laptop. After getting fed up i stopped doing anything for the cats and tried yo get my husband to do what he'd agreed. He never cleaned the litter for days and sometimes even a week would go by and the cats started doing their business on the carpet floor. Following this i limited their space to the conservatory but it got to a point where the house absolutely stunk and i had to get rid of the carpets because the smell was so bad. I also got rid of the litters and the cats started going out for the toilet.
Now we are back to square one as the cats again are weeing and leaving poo presents on the floor again. My husband says it's all my fault as i got rid of the litters and thinks we should get them back but i want to get rid of the cats. He does nothing round the house and could cook a meal or iron his clothes if his life depended on it but is adamant he will clean the litters... he also said there is no way he will get rid of the cats, his words "I'd leave you but wouldn't get rid of my cats".

What do i do? I'm sick of being the only one that does anything in our house and come to a point where i actually hate the cats. All i can think of is how to get rid of them

fairyfuckwings Sun 07-Dec-14 01:53:59

I'd get rid of your husband AND the cats!

lovelife15 Sun 07-Dec-14 02:07:28

I wish i could... im also 16 weeks pregnant and constantly cleaning/cooking or ironing, I'm tired all the time. I have to hoover daily to clean the house and get rid of the hair.....
How do i convince his to give the cats away?

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