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Help! GP's have made a meal of their hot water bottle

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WyrdByrd Mon 10-Nov-14 17:05:59

Foxbiscuitselection Mon 10-Nov-14 17:06:59


agnesf Mon 10-Nov-14 17:08:52

Was it a real hot water bottle with water or just one of those heating pad things? Have they eaten it all or just done heavy nibbling?

WyrdByrd Mon 10-Nov-14 17:09:21

That wasn't panicking a bit.

They had a bath & blow dry & just to be sure they were warm/dry I popped a hot water bottle in their 'bedroom' underneath a massive heap of hay (came at least halfway up the walls).

Just been out to feed them and they have polished off about 2 square inches of rubber.

Are they likely to just pass it? Do I need to do anything? It's been 24 hours since I put it in there and they seem ok blush sad .

WyrdByrd Mon 10-Nov-14 17:10:20

Yes, proper hot water bottle - they've eaten a section of the funnel shaped bit where the plug goes in.

agnesf Mon 10-Nov-14 17:14:30

I think it might go straight through but maybe you should keep and eye on them in case it causes an obstruction. But TBH am not sure what you could do then anyway.

Fingers crossed that you soon see some rubbery poos.

WhatKatyDidToday Mon 10-Nov-14 17:15:07

I read this GP as your grandparents! Until I got to the part with the hay- I was wondering why you feed your grandparents hayshock

WyrdByrd Mon 10-Nov-14 17:17:49

Have just been put to check with a torch - they have definitely eaten it (actually I suspect it might be just the one of them).

There is no shortage of poo or wee, and they seem to be running about & interested in food, so fingers crossed we'll just get bouncy piggy pellets!

WyrdByrd Mon 10-Nov-14 17:18:23

Blow drying grandparents would also be a bit odd grin !

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 10-Nov-14 18:35:00

Little buggers shock

I gave my GP1/GP2 hot water bottles put inside some zip up waterproof pillow protectors (mainly in case the unlikely chance of them bursting/leaking)

I bought Pet Hotties too (softer than Snugglepads with a cover) but they didn't keep warm and lickily the pigs didn't eat them.

I'm read a post years ago - someoes pig ate a bead so it was a 'What has your guinea eaten' thread.

Mine used to eat shoelaces with the plastic bit
Any fabric

There was one poster who's pig ate all the rubber buttons from the TV remote shock

It's a thing with them.

WyrdByrd Mon 10-Nov-14 19:06:18

Little buggers indeed...

They've had them before, in fabric covers which they don't seem to have fancied, but tbh I did so much piggie related washing and drying yesterday I couldn't face any more.

fortifiedwithtea Tue 11-Nov-14 11:03:19

Lets hope they shit rubber bullets, little buggers. Silver lining if there is one they didn't burst the water part.

As guinea pigs can not vomit all I can suggest is give lettuce to make them loose and hope they poop the rubber out easily and quickly.

Fingers crossed for you and piggies.

kahori Tue 11-Nov-14 11:08:59

Fingers crossed they are ok. I leaned over our run the other day to drop in some treats and my cheeky GPs tried to nibble the end of my new scarf!

WyrdByrd Tue 11-Nov-14 12:30:59

Well they seem to be OK, they are moving and eating as usual and don't seem to be in any discomfort.

I've just popped home from work and set them up in the indoor run (have been at it with pliers to ensure the panels are secure), a big bowl of veg, water & their beds.

Home at half five by which time there will hopefully be lots of piggy pellets to put my mind at rest!

WyrdByrd Tue 11-Nov-14 17:53:45


...definitely no blockages here!

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