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Rabbits on bonfire night?

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weegiemum Wed 05-Nov-14 12:27:34

The last few nights there have been fireworks round here.

Alice is our rescue bunny and is generally very good with noise etc. but last night she hid under our bed and thumped at every explosion. I'm dreading tonight! This is her first nov 5th with us.

She has a small "crate" (2ft x 3ft) which is her space, we don't annoy her in there. It's never shut, just her place to go. She lies in there but usually sleeps on the end of our bed.

I was thinking of shutting her in there when it gets dark tonight and covering it to dull the sounds. Lots of hay and some veggie treats. She's an utter Diva but also clearly very upset.

Apart from taping her lovely lop ears to her head (joke!!) I can't think of another way to help her through.

Any advice?

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 05-Nov-14 12:47:55

What do your guinea-pigs do weegie? (they are luckier because their floppy little lugholes don't need taped grin )

Personally (and I'm not a rabbit keeper) her own personal space (her crate) is probably the best bet but don't shut her in - she needs to feel she can leave and go back as normal otherwise she'll associate being enclosed with the noises.
Put a heavy blanket over and lots of hay to dull the noises.
My parents had a rerired guide-dog and they were told not to make a fuss of her if she was scared, just let her find a quiet safe space, reassure her and let her know it's 'normal'

Our two sows are spending their first winter with us (we got them in July) .GP3 was in the small bedroom last year with GP1.
We brought them in at the weekend, Monday was quiet so they were out in their Pighouse with a heater (spoiled)

Last night we gave them two boxes to hide in plus a petbed.
The sows like to hide but GP3 (boar) likes to plant himself in the centre of the run (no hiding for him grin )

Radio left on a chat programme (LBC here) to give them something to focus on.
Tonight isn't the last night, more to come but it's going to be 3c overnight, so they better not be judgey wink

weegiemum Wed 05-Nov-14 12:54:15

Guineas don't seem to have noticed, but their night-time home is on the landing with no windows.

Getting her in her crate with no shutting in seems a good idea. Then she can escape to her fave place - behind my knees - if she's scared!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 05-Nov-14 13:30:33

I don't notice how untidy they are when they're in the Pighouse (yes they do produce enough waste to fill a skip) but indoors I gave them fleeces but it seems they like newspaper, hay and hidey boxes.
The Call of The Wild rather than UAL (Ultimate A**e Luxury)

FernieB Thu 06-Nov-14 22:04:04

Hope Alice was okay.

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