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Rat with sprained/broken paw

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PixieofCatan Fri 10-Oct-14 08:02:36

Aeryn has injured herself, either sprained or broken her paw, I am certain it's 'just' badly sprained, but obviously there is a chance it could be broken.

She's trying to use it, using it to hold food and to help her when clambering around. It's a bit swollen but not discoloured or anything, she doesn't seem to be in any pain either. Last night it was a little more swollen but it's gone down.

Ratty people on a rat group I'm on are saying to leave her, she'll be fine in a couple of days and this type of injury is better left to heal itself. This morning there is no change though and obviously it's the weekend, if I don't take her to the vet today she'll be waiting until Monday.

But I really don't want to stress her out more by getting her to the vet, she's already upset that she's having to stay in the tiny hospital cage!

Midori1999 Sun 12-Oct-14 09:07:07

Oh bless her!

I have to admit, I tend to rush off to the vet for the smallest thing, but I totally see what you're saying about not wanting to stress her out. Is your vet an exotics specialist? Could you phone them for advice in what they think would be best?

PixieofCatan Sun 12-Oct-14 10:53:14

I did end up taking her in smile I phoned them up and they asked to see her, gave her a painkilling injection and gave us a weeks worth of metacam. They think it's a sprain. It actually started to bruise after I posted which I think was a bit painful for her so I was glad to have made an appointment.

By last night she seemed fine, it was still a little swollen but okay, so we put her back into her cage. Her sister immediately started play wrestling with her and she knocked her arm in the 30 seconds she was in there so we had to take her back out and she was limping again. So she went back in the small cage overnight. We're keeping her out as much as possible but she's still in a mood with us grin

PixieofCatan Fri 31-Oct-14 20:44:37

Fucksake! It's happened again! The week after this one she sprained both of her back paws (one at the rat sitters, not sure how, the other with me the next day even though she wasn't in the cage all day and sleeping hmm) And today she's carrying her back paw again.

The worst bit is that I thought that she was a bit slow yesterday morning but thought that she was just tired, didn't seem to be carrying anything. Between her and Howl getting a massive gash on Monday I feel like a shit rat owner sad

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