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How long after neutering rabbit can I introduce him to female?

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Nancyclancy Sun 07-Sep-14 23:44:08

We have brother/sister rabbits. The boy was neutered last Wed, when can I introduce him to his sister again? I forgot to ask the vet! Thanks smile

DorisIsALittleBitPartial Sun 07-Sep-14 23:47:14

I think it's about 3 months. Make sure you do it in a neutral environment. And I hope you are getting your female spayed too? It eliminates the risk of uterine cancer, which is 95% in unneutered females.
Aren't bunnys great pets grin

frogbubbles Mon 08-Sep-14 00:01:41

I think we did it after a few weeks on vets advice. I agree to get your girl neutered, our girly was a nightmare for peeing, once she had been neutered she stopped completely and now only uses the litter tray beat thing to do is phone the vet ask their advice and reintroduce slowly

DancingDinosaur Mon 08-Sep-14 00:17:15

My rabbit was neutered last week. He had one night caged in the house and I put him back with his sister the following afternoon. Vet said that was fine. I kept an eye on them for about an hour to make sure there were no problems, which there wasn't. They seemed quite happy to be back together.

Midori1999 Mon 08-Sep-14 07:23:45

Unless she is spayed too then You need to wait 3 months to avoid pregnancy. It's best to get her spayed due to uterine cancer risk and also territorial/aggression issues later. If she's spayed and they've already been living together then just wait until they're recovered enough from surgery, which may be a few days or a few weeks. You can have them living side by side in the meantime so they can touch through the bars etc.

DorisIsALittleBitPartial Mon 08-Sep-14 13:27:33

DancingDinosaur has your girl rabbit been spayed? If not, you might find an unexpected pregnancy. Boys can remain fertile for up to a couple of months after neutering.

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