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How do I re-home my boars

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TheKnightsThatSayNee Fri 21-Mar-14 15:04:30

I have 2 male guinea pigs and I've developed an allergy. I've had a few asthma attacks so it's becoming urgent. I advertised them on preloved but one of the only two people who replied cancelled one hour before collecting them and the other person has adverts for Python carpet snakes so I'm scared they will be use as snake food.
I've contacted rescue places but they don't reply.
I want them to have a good home but I can't have them in the house any longer (I'm pregnant and my allergies have gone crazy). It's the pigs I'm allergic to not the hay incase anyone suggests that. I come out in hives if I touch them.
What should i do?

ShadowOfTheDay Fri 21-Mar-14 15:13:38

I am also allergic - became allergic in the first year of having them 5 years ago - our piggies have therefore lived outside in a hutch all year round. that could be a solution if you don't want rid of them totally, or a short term fix to having them in the house...

Our Animal Shelter takes in piggies or finds foster families until they can be rehomed.. just need to persist really...

I take antihistamine tablet before I clean the hutch /handle the piggies..

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 21-Mar-14 15:56:06

I think in pg your allergic tendancies do crank up a notch but Congratulations smile on your new squidgey baby in progress.

WRT your piggies:

Can you keep them outside (now the weather is hopefully improving) in a shed or car-free garage if possible?
Lots of hay to keep them warm

Get anyone and everyone else to handle them to minimise the impact on your breathing

Wash them - it works with cats when the owners have allergies but not pleasant for the cat. GPs are a bit judgey but easier to bath

Keep looking, phone all the rescues and emphasise the allergy situation. You're not just getting rid of them you are actively looking for a safe outcome for all of you.

My DD is allergic to our youngest pig. Her older boar is a Smooth. The GP who died last year was an Abby.
New pig is a Rex (coarse 'fuzzy' fur) and she comes out in a red rash when she handles him, but fine with the other fur types.
She still handles him though (I'm hoping she grows out of it)

Very hard decision but I do think you were wise to steer clear of the Snake Fancier

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