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Cheaper at the vets?

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FernieB Fri 21-Mar-14 10:47:36

I have spent the last hour bathing and clipping the claws of the GPs. My kitchen floor is soaked, I am covered in hair and drenched in what I'm choosing to believe is bath water. My question is, given the copious amounts of parsley/basil required to occupy Scruffy's gnashing teeth whilst I attempt to clip his black claws without cutting him is it cheaper just to get the vet to do it? He could also bite the vet instead of me grin.

FernieB Fri 21-Mar-14 10:49:33

I also made the mistake of having them both in a basket on the kitchen floor. When Smooth saw what was happening to Scruffy he tried to run away and nearly made it to the living room confused.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 21-Mar-14 12:20:07

Last time we cut the pigs nails, GP3 urinated in my general direction.

I'm telling myself it's urine, not Boar Glue. envy <- vom

I, personally, cannot go down the vet route as I'm a Podiatrist. The shame would cost more in therapy guilt chocolate than the vets bill.

You need to treat the clever one first (GP1 is smarter, GP3 is still a bit dim innocent and obliging ) so that the less sharp one doesn't realise what going on.

fortifiedwithtea Fri 21-Mar-14 14:36:51

Well < gives halo a polish> I managed Millie Pig's and Naughty's claws last week. Didn't get around to Coco though.

Naughty was last to go in the run and I noticed her claws needed doing. I picked some grass and got the clippers --still holding her, she looked a bit pop eyed.

I sat on the back door step. Naughty munched the grass and got on with the job in hand. Beautiful sunlight made the job so much easier and I didn't cut the quick.

I did the same for Millie Pig the next day. I think Millie has a wart on her front foot. I thought it was a lump of dried poo and tried to pull it off. Then discovered it was attached. Poor Millie she did squeal sad What ever it is I'm hoping it will fall off by itself, its barely attached. If DD1 is ever not busy not doing whatever teen girls do hmm, she could take a picture on her ipad and upload it. We could have a guinea pig sporn thread wink

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