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grow veg or just carry on buying it?

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JokersGiggle Mon 17-Mar-14 14:34:53

Basically I have two female Guinea pigs who have special needs. They are rescues (spent first months of life living in a box in a cupboard angry angry )....but now live as queens in a huge hutch, with unlimited food and love! All their problems could have been avoided if they had been cared for correctly when young angry .
Due to eye problems my vet says that they are never to go into a run outside or be in direct sunlight as they will go blind quickly and risk cancers of the eyes. They are prone to eye ulcers but we manege very well keeping that under control.
Also due to digestive tract issues we are following the "good greens" diet to the letter (no more bladder stones since starting it so are very happy smile)
They live inside (they love being able to talk to people as we walk past smile ) and for exercise each evening we put them on the floor in the large, pig-proofed spare bedroom to run around for as long as they like.
But i'm concerned about their vit D levels-would growing the veg and giving it to them straight away have more nutrient value?
I would call the Vet but she is on holiday (prob paid for by us, we seem to have spent loads! I don't mind smile my girls are worth ever penny)
Sorry for the long essay! smile

JokersGiggle Mon 17-Mar-14 14:48:16

I should also mention that the vet has said no to supplements in the past as there are things in there that my girls don't need; it would negate the good greens diet and we'd have the bladder stones back.

JokersGiggle Tue 18-Mar-14 20:03:56


70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 19-Mar-14 11:01:16

Hi Joker

I did a quickie search on Vit D rich foods...........and unfortunately the ones that came up were all non-guinea-friendly sad

If you grow veg then you know it's as fresh as humanely possible and keeps all it's vitamins . So for that alone it's worth it.

I've never given supplements to my pigs except in GP2 last 48 hours (Vit C in water, syringed into his mouth)

If they are prone to bladder stones, you need to be careful with some veg, it can have a higher calcium level.
There's a post from way back, I'll try and find it .

I know parsley is high, which irks our GP1 because he would live on it given a chance.

Can you grow indoor veg like peppers?
I tried growing herbs but the slugs got them angry . I don't want Pet Slugs thank you .

JokersGiggle Wed 19-Mar-14 11:56:52

Unfortunately our specialist vet (who knew a vet could cost more than a humans doctor?!) Has said no to giving the girls - pepper, apple, orange, grape, carrot ect.
We have a list of veg we can give and since sticking to it the bladder stones have stopped, eye problems not as bad anymore, heart problems are better and bones have better density. But eye improvements are prob due to avoiding direct sunlight. Basically they can only eat leafy greens. (kale, cabbage, Swiss chard, spinach, beetroot leaves, dill, pak Choi, watercress, celery, chicory, grass, dandelions....)
I think i'm being paranoid about it as they are showing no signs of lacking anything......its been 4 months with no health problems so it feels like we are due something!
Think I'll grow veg just to put my mind at rest.
I love my girls but honestly owning a dog would be cheaper and less time consuming!

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