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Another lovely rescue story to warm the cockles of your heart....

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guineapiglet Sun 29-Sep-13 13:05:20

As many of you know, having had lots of guineas for many years, have been unable to have any more (yet) as have moved house and currently have no lawn or suitable accommodationsad but am lucky enough to have two grey and white guinea nephews in a house a few doors away.

They are a lovely family, and the two boy guineas are so happy and well looked after, and auntie guineapiglet is often to be found round there armed with parsley and dandelions.

Yesterday, one of their neighbours was loading the car up to take their singleton boy to the rescue centre because they 'no longer needed him'angryangry, after having him on his own for nearly four yearsshock. My guinea nephews' mum said she would have him and has kindly offered him a home with her own boys - have been round a few times and he is soooooooooooo beautiful, blond, lovely eyes, and such a sweet little face. He has been on his own for such a long time. Today they are all out in a divided up big run, all squeaking happily and being very content together - he let out the most ginormous squeak, almost as if he has finally found his voice, and looked like such a happy little soul to finally find some friends to at least share a hutch with. It will take time, and we are not sure whether they will ever be fully integrated, but it is so hearwarming to see the pleasure on his face at finally discovering there are other creatures in the world that look like and sound like him.

thanks to the guinea mum for offering him a home, what a star andenvy in a nice way - they are all out in the sunshine, a very happy sight to see! grin

FernieB Sun 29-Sep-13 14:37:39

That's lovely - I hope the new boy settles in well and enjoys his new life. How can someone no longer need a GP? I thought they were essential (that's what my boys tell me) grin

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 29-Sep-13 15:07:38

Aww that is angry and sad in equal measures but smile at the Happy Outcome (hopefully the "Don't need him" neighbours won't decide they suddenly need another animal - especially if they have Pester Power Children )

I know boar pairs aren't a natural state for guinea-pig adult males (they'd rather have a hareem of guinea-wives grin ) but they do flourish in these well matched pairs.
But what DEFINATELY isn't natural is a solitary pig.Even if the new boy can't integrate with the resident boars, at least as you say, he can chat .

Another Guinea-Nephew grin

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 29-Sep-13 21:27:41

GP1 says that he and GP2 are superior because DD WANTED them (and she had a huge choice TBH with all the guineas out there) so they were very speshul to be chosen.

GP3 thinks he's superior because we NEEDED him for GP1.

==Little turds that they are sometimes-- grin

guineapiglet Sun 29-Sep-13 21:40:17

Well my boary friends a rather worrying update!!

The original boar pair brothers have fallen out big time and one has taken a chunk out of others ear. Non stop squeaking and in separate cages! The newcomer now in a separate cage in another room.... I did wonder if my optimism was misplaced and they were pushing their luck a bit too early on. As you know i would rather go slow and steady!! I will go round tomorrow to see if we can come up with a plan. I know they werent expecting total integration but did hope for companionship. From reading about all the boar'complications' on these threads i know this behaviour is normal but my friend is upset as it has upset the resident boars!!

Lets hope a goid nights sleep sorts them out!

fortifiedwithtea Mon 30-Sep-13 11:41:34

Oh dear, Have I understood correctly. Your kind neighbour now has 3 boars in 3 separate cages? I can understand she is upset to have original brothers fighting sad

A happy trio of boars is fairly uncommon I believe. I was hoping the newcomer would live in a side by side situation with resident boars without arsines.

I wonder how easy it is to re-home a 4 year old boar at a rescue hmm

guineapiglet Mon 30-Sep-13 13:17:34

Update, yes there is definitely some arsiness, rumblestrutting and aggressive behaviour from one of the boars to the newcomer and his old cage mate. His mum tells me that she feels this has been brewing up for some time there has been a lot of teeth chattering and posturing, and she has been fearing it might brew up to all out fighting. She has been wondering about separating them for a while now......sad. The two boys are in a smallish indoor hutch, and I guess space is an issue now they are hormonal.
We think the new boy has simply pushed this process forward.

New boy is utterly gorgeous, I have offered to have him in my house during the day until allergic son returns home and then her kids get in from school and can collect him. IF I had a bigger shed/garage/lawn I would scoop him up, he is amazingly beautiful and so very lonely... it has quite upset me that I am not able to be more helpful. I don't ever think that there would have been a chance for them to be a happy trio, but like you fortifed feel that the best outcome would have been companionship in a side by side situation. Not sure now, Mum has been up all night with sick child, so is rather stressed by it all. New boy and arsey boy have been outside in a huge divided up run, but arsey boy just wants to get to him to fight/mate etc and has been brought in to think about his behaviour... It is a rotten time of year to be doing this, as they are now all inside in three separate cages, rumbling away.

If any of you boar ladies have any other thoughts or comments do let me know, they are such a lovely family and I hate it when the best of intentions leads to unhappiness.

thwinka Mon 30-Sep-13 16:20:51

What a shame that things aren't working outsad I'm not sure that I can offer much advice, could your neighbour give the 2 original boys a more roomy cage? Take the 3rd boy out of the equation and move him elsewhere in the house for now and focus on re-bonding the other two for now? Space often is the problem for Boars sadly.

Perhaps a more gentle introduction may help later down the line? When I rescued GP3, my Rodentologist advised me not to put them near each other straight away. To keep their cages in different rooms so they just smell each other to start with and then gradually move them closer.
GP1 is quite arsy though, a bit like your friends GP sounds and she told us it wouldn't be a good idea to ever have their cages next to each other. GP1 is very territorial and wouldn't appreciate it. Same room would probably be ok, but not next door neighbours!!

Would your friend be able to set up a cage away from them and maybe partner up new GP with a 4th and have two separate sets of piggies rather than try and integrate them into a trio?
I hope things work out for them, such a shame after doing such a lovely thingsad
I am also worried about this scenario, as we rescued GP3 a couple of weeks ago but have had to keep him in isolation so far as he is ill, but ultimately I need them in the same room and intend on partnering GP3 up with a friend, so goodness knows how 4 of them in the same room is going to pan outconfused

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 30-Sep-13 17:50:15

Very sad
It sounds like the trouble was afoot and then the introduction of NewBoy just escalated it.
(Is NewBoy definately 100% a boy?)

It sounds like from what you say that her Resident Boars might have kicked off at some time, maybe not to this degree?

I know the advice with boars is to let them stay unless blood is shed.
They sound like they need a TimeOut, Back to Basics.

Re-introduction of the 2 boars after a bath and making everything neutral. As much space as possible.
Keep NewBoy as a casual bystander for the time being, so that they all know each other is there but not in each others faces.

Maybe NewBoy was a bit over exhuberant ?
A threat to them if he's an established adult and they are teens?
Or the reverse- they a threat to him?

I would have no reservations in splitting my boys up IF they turned on each other. They sleep apart (in the same haybox but not together) or different boxes.
In the run they go to their own houses.
Which is how they keep their sanity/peace.
So if they side-by-sided they could have the social interaction but not be able to fight.
Thankfully, so far we are doing ok. But GP3 is asserting himself. grin

He does sound a lovely boy and in the situation of his new home/ fostering with you part time, he's in a better place than somewhere that "didn't need him".
In Rescue though sadly he might get overlooked due to age.
He might not be able to live with these pigs but at least he's got company.
Hope the 2 boars sort themselves out though.

guineapiglet Mon 30-Sep-13 19:30:37

Thanks so much for all the advice and good guidance -things are definitely different with boars, I was more 'gung ho' with my girls, but did begin with the softly softly approach and on a couple of occasions, full integration took several labour intensive weeks!
You are spot on 70, I reckon the boys were getting hormonal and arsey and new boy has kicked it all off. He is such a gentle, inoffensive little chap, so very sweet, curious, but very shy, has been outdoors ALL THE TIME in a run with a little house in it sad. But today arsey boy has been chewing the wire mesh, rumbling, and generally trying to be intimidating( they make me laugh, they are so little and serious at the same time!).

I am so so tempted to make him a permanent feature here, I have no illusions about the fact he will be a singleton for the rest of his life, but it was so lovely watching him explore yesterday. I reckon your idea of neutral territory is the only way forward. When I left, the boys were in high rise cages, and seemed happy to be by themselves in separate cages, they are warm, dry and well fed. I have persuaded the daughter to perhaps take newboy up to her room so he is in the house, but effectively her 'house' guinea pig so he can have lots of attention and cuddles from her.

I guess it is all natural and in the scheme of things but sometimes you could just bang their heads together and plead with them to just get on!!!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 30-Sep-13 20:29:18

I just weighed our boys again and GP3 is now half an ounce lighter than GP1 (growing huge)

My DD won't entertain the idea that her boys crown has slipped and maybe this new boy is set to take the lead.

I have noticed alot of pee patches at the edge of the haybox (possibly GP1 is sitting there mainly) but there's plenty of hay, That's where the food is grin and when I feed them GP1 is sitting judgily while GP3 hangs back in the haybox.

I gave GP1 the trug of hay if he wants it.
All I'm concerned about is GP1 gets to the food-bowl - which he does. He makes sure of it.
But I think the balance of power is shifting.
Which if it's amicable if fine.
GP3 is going to be a whopper when he's fully grown.

They have the odd 'Heads Up' if they meet each other in the run, but it's nothing more than "Shift your fat arse" "Well you had to choose the exact same time to walk here".

Hopefully they'll reach a 'plateau'

And NewBoy might enjoy being a HousePig?
(He sounds like he should be called "Boris" BTW) grin

thwinka Tue 01-Oct-13 16:43:39

Any news today guineapiglet ? Am hoping the GP's have considered their behaviour today and have backed off from each other a bitgrin

guineapiglet Wed 02-Oct-13 11:31:03

Hi all!

Decided to keep a low profile yesterday but am going round this afternoon to see how things are. When we spoke last night, two resident boars were still separate, and apparently during cuddle time were still ratttling and chattering at each other. Newboy is outside in hutch within a run sad I am a wuss and a bit unhappy about him being outside especially with all this rain, but apparently he is used to being outside so it is difficult to 'advise' without 'interfering' . Am going for a nosey this afternoon to see how things are, taking my usual bribes with me!

Loving the name 'Boris' ' - but the guinea is so much more handsome, well groomed and intelligent than you know who grin

KittiesInsane Wed 02-Oct-13 11:34:50

I was going to ask if he was definitely a boy, too! Is it, errm, obvious?

guineapiglet Wed 02-Oct-13 11:54:34

Very obvious - he has all his bits in place!

guineapiglet Sun 06-Oct-13 19:56:06

Latest update is that they are still in separate cages, with alpha pig being very stroppy and arsey with all and sundry. I had a hold of him and he had to be restrained from escaping and menacing the others. They are using Lavendar oil to neutralise the smells in the communal area.

Boris pig is still outside but coming in regularly for cuddles and interation. He is the sweetest little soul, and I have offered respite care during the days when hopefully he will come permanently into their home and become the house guinea we all want. He is very underweight though and very smallsad.

It was my birthday yesterday, and at my tender age, I received 4 guineapig cards and two guinea mugsblush - I clearly have an image problem to deal with!!!!wine

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 06-Oct-13 20:50:31

Happy Birthday guineapiglet
My DD has a collection of guinea-pig mugs. I never knew such things existed until we got the boys.

Boris-pig might just be a tiny boy, but if he's been alone (so no competition for food) then it sounds like he's not been given enough to eat or enough of what he wants? Or maybe his teeth?
Groups of guineas are very vocal chewing bars but a single GP might not be?

It's been a huge upheaval for all 3 pigs though.

What happens in winter? Do they live in or out?

FernieB Sun 06-Oct-13 21:15:58

Happy Birthday guineapiglet from me and my boys!

Poor Boris sounds like he's had a tough time. It's good to hear he's settling in well and is soon to become a pampered house pig.

fortifiedwithtea Mon 07-Oct-13 13:59:09

Happy belated Birthday Guineapiglet smile

guineapiglet Fri 18-Oct-13 15:23:23

Hi all and thanks for birthday wishes, now feel very antique! smile

Just a wee update on the guinea situation. All boys are now in separate cages ignoring each other. Arsey boy ( gorgeous bottom pink lip) eyeballs you and trys so hard to look threateningwink he makes me laugh. Other boy of the pair is very content not being hassled and threatened. Have just taken them a huge bunch of dandelion leaves and long grass. They swooped on it and completely ignored me after thatgrin

Gorgeous blond Boris is has now weedled himself a spot by the fireside inside the house, in prime position, in an old cage I found - he is adorable. He has put on weight, eats contentedly, still not overly sociable, but getting used to the sounds of the house and has been out for a walk on a lead type thingshock so is doing really, really well. At night he is a bedside guinea, having a little spot in a bedroom. Lots of attention and cuddles. Due to come and stay for a bit with me next week so I can have a few cuddles - he actually seems happy now, and isnt lonely any more - bless his little heart.

guineapiglet Fri 18-Oct-13 15:25:19

Forgot to say they are all inside in the cages. It is EXACTLY the kind of set up I would love if I didnt have an asthmatic child!

<contemplates swapping child for three lovely guineapigs!>

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 18-Oct-13 15:41:34

Aww, it's a shame they have ended up seperate but at least they can still have guinea-pig chat.
Maybe the original pair would have been tantrumey teens without the arrival of Boris-Pig.

Mine are sprinting round their run for an hour (covered over with an oilcloth. It's dry but a bit breezy)

They love a plate of grass, it gets hoovered up here grin And good to know that Boris has put weight on.

(I'm still smarting that DD wouldn't call Dylan Boris. 'Tis one of my favourite names)

DD gets a weird raised rash sometimes (we think it's some plant that causes it rather than the piggies) but she knows that if it came to a choice between rehome her or the guinea-pigs............................
well, tough choice grin

70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 03-Apr-14 18:22:44


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