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looking to rehome a couple of piggies. where do I start?

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IKnewHouseworkWasDangerous Mon 02-Sep-13 19:10:45

What do I need and where is the best (cheapest place) to get it.

I would like an indoor cage and an outdoor run (my dad has offered to make a run if I cant find a reasonable one)

Also how do I find a decent rescue. Is it possible to find rescue piggies that are ok to be handles. I have a 4 and a half year old dd, the piggies will be my responsibility but dd will want to be involved. I dont want to do the p@home thing.

FernieB Sat 07-Sep-13 12:07:51

Good luck - hope they settle in well

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 07-Sep-13 12:18:11

grin good news.
You'll be able to get some background information about the piggies and you're re-homing two pigs that would otherwise be in "pig-care".

You do know you'll need to come back this evening very soon to update us all ......

IKnewHouseworkWasDangerous Sat 07-Sep-13 13:10:13

Slight problem at the moment but am hoping it sorts out and we can go get them. Their house is waiting...

looseleaf Sat 07-Sep-13 18:44:35

I just realised you might be sorted having just replied to your other thread- hope so but if any hiccups we'd love you to consider ours who are very close to each other and sweet and we could easily bring them.

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