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Have had our 2 guinea for 8 weeks r fab anyone else got guineas

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chillynose Sat 29-Jun-13 21:07:39

They make amazing pets girls have one each
They r both boars called mario and luigi yes girls r big mario game fans

They r both 5 months have settled in so well

Mario - he is black with a ginger nose is long and thin, very noisy squeaks alot, greedy eats all the veg, abit feisty when picking him up, sniffs the air moves around alot so cute and soft

Luigi - he is dark brown and ginger
Very wide and big
Doesnt make alot of noise, luvs burying under the hay
Luvs being held so friendly

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 29-Jun-13 21:43:48

grin their piganalities really start to show when they settle and start taking you for granted get to know you.

My black Abby makes grunty-pig noises and little doe 'coo' noises but never squeaks. He buries himself in hay which worried me a bit - why is he hiding? Is he cold? Bullied?
No just him being him.

GP1 is bossy, greedy, typical boar.

They were grazing today (first time in days due to rain). We moved the run to fresh grass. They were too lazy to run away grin and felt nicely stuffed when we caught them.
GP2 thanked me by farting spectacularly . Cheers , hog.

It'll be lovely for your boars when they can spend long summer days larding about. Just keep an eye on them with overheating (there's a SFA Keep Them Cool thread on here)

dotty2 Wed 03-Jul-13 16:10:56

me too! We've had our two rescue boars nearly 4 weeks and I was reluctant, anxious and wished I hadn't caved in to the DDs' repeated pleas for a pet at first. But I'm getting to quite like having them around - looking out at them munching away on the lawn at the moment. And for us one of the nice things about them is that they make us get out in the garden more and spend sometime looking after them together as a break from the usual after school routine.

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